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Teresian Rural Outreach Programme ( TROP)

St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous) believes in the overall development of the students. The College pays special attention to inculcate values in the students at every opportunity. Teresian Rural Outreach Programme (TROP), a unique endeavour of the College, is an extension activity aimed at reaching out to the marginalized and underprivileged.

Department of Economics

TROP aims at reaching out to the community and extending its expertise for the benefit of local communities. Staff and students of the college share their skills and resources with various local communities and facilitate their sustainable integrated development. The extension activities of the department focus its on three broad areas

  • e- Governance – Students have initiated e- Jaalakam project which aimed at enhancing capability of the common man to live in an e- society.  As a part of the project they havep prepared a citizen’s hand book on e -governance, developed an interactive webpage www.ejaalakam.in and train civic groups. The project won accolades at the State and national level and was a recognition of their innovative ideas
  • Water conservation- volunteers work in association with local Governments to promote conservation of water resources through cleaning of wells and ponds
  • Waste management-. Students design green alternatives to plastic carry bags in turn also promoting material resource recovery and upcycling of textile waste thereby contributing their little to sustainable development.
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