B.Sc. Chemistry

Course Objectives

  • To enable the students to understand basic facts and concepts in Chemistry while retaining the exciting aspects of Chemistry so as to develop the interest in the study of chemistry as a discipline.
  • To acquire the knowledge of terms, facts, concepts, processes techniques and principles of the subject.
  • To develop the ability to apply the of principles of Chemistry.
  • To be inquisitive towards advanced chemistry and developments therein.
  • To appreciate the achievements in Chemistry and to know the role of Chemistry in nature and in society.
  • To develop problem-solving skills.
  • To be familiarised with the emerging areas of Chemistry and their applications in various spheres of Chemical Sciences and to apprise the students of its relevance in future studies.
  • To develop skills in the proper handling of apparatus and chemicals.
  • To be exposed to the different processes used in industries and their applications.

B.Sc. Chemistry Admission 2020

B.Sc. Chemistry Course Design

The UG programme in Chemistry includes (a) common courses, (b) core courses, (c) complementary courses (d) open course and (e) project. No course shall carry more than 4 credits.

B.Sc. Chemistry

First Semester

Theory: Methodology of Chemistry As a discipline of Science
Practical: Volumetric Analysis

Second Semester

Theory: Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry
Practical: Volumetric analysis

Third Semester

Theory: Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
Practical: Qualitative organic analysis

Fourth Semester

Theory: Basic Organic Chemistry I
Practical: Qualitative organic analysis

Fifth Semester

Theory: Chemistry of d and f block elements
Practical: Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

Theory: Basic Organic Chemistry II
Practical: Preparation and basic Lab Skills

Theory: States of matter
Practical: Physical chemistry Practical

Theory: Quantum mechanics and Spectroscopy
Project/ Dissertation Open course

Sixth Semester

Theory: Applied Inorganic Chemistry
Practical: Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

Theory: Chemistry of Natural Products and Biomolecules
Practical: Preparation and basic Lab Skills

Theory: Equilibrium and kinetics
Practical: Physical Chemistry Practicals

Theory: Solution chemistry
Practical: Gravimetric Analysis

Theory: Choice Based Course Project/ Dissertation
Complementary Courses: Mathematics Physics