Department Of Psychology

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Department Of Psychology

Department Of Psychology

The Department of Psychology of St. Teresa’s College is a newly established discipline in 2016.The Department of Psychology is unique in itself as it aims at finding the keys to integral development of an individual. Education, no matter which ever form it takes, does not reach its fullness until it leads the society to next level of development which in turn depends on developing the individual. Our department focuses on the all-round development of an individual. At present the department has only onefaculty.The Bachelor’s programme enable the students to know the wide range of avenues in the field of Psychology especially Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Counselling and so on which help them to select the area of their own interest for further studies. Choice based course credit system is followed.

The Department of Psychology envisages a life oriented education that helps the students to be acquainted with the human nature as well as human behavior in order to respond accurately, precisely and relevantly.

“To make students aware of themselves and others, and utilize their knowledge for the service of the society.”

Message from HOD

Welcome to the department of Psychology, St. Teresa’s College. This is a newly Established Department in 2016 with a motto to train students as psychologists to meet the diverse needs in society today. Psychology is a scientific discipline and profession. The course offered by the department is B.Sc. Psychology and the core papers included are Social psychology, Abnormal psychology, Developmental psychology, Organizational behavior, Practicum etc. The objective is to develop a knowledge base of human behavior across the broad areas of psychology and also to become aware of the applications of psychology in the professions associated with Psychology. Students learn to apply psychological knowledge to one’s own world and, herby enhance understanding of human behavior and effective functioning. The department seeks to combine excellence in education with service to the society. The asset of the Department is highly motivated students and teachers. We hope that we will be able to deliver our best to serve the society and mankind.

HOD, Department Of Psychology