M.Sc. ChildDevelopment

msc child development

MSc Child development and Behavior Science is a master programme at St.Teresa’s College Ernakulam that deals with the child development and development psychology and enables them to work with children and young people. This course offers a combination of research expertise in applied research and policy. It also aims to promote understanding of theories and research and to use this knowledge in children’s development and education. It also reflects on the theories of child development and on how to face the challenges in education.

During the course period, the students will participate in lectures, conducts seminars, workshops and field works that provide the opportunity to deepen the knowledge. Usually, the classes will be a combination of tutor and student input.  It also provides a high-quality class with theories, methods, and findings based on psychological research’s relating to the child development. It also enables the student to conduct independent learning to developmental psychology, also conducts research that contributes to the field of child development.

In order to get into the MSc Child development the aspirant’s need to be a graduate in Family and Community Science, Home Science, Food Science and Quality Control, Food Service Management and Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics or else  they need to be a graduate in psychology, human development, Nursing or any Science graduate with PG Diploma in Pre-School Education/ Counselling Psychology or Science Graduates with Open Course namely Life Skills Strategies and Techniques.

This program also provides graduates an understanding of the emotional, mental, social, physical and intellectual aspects of child development.T he two-year program offers family studies, human development, education or social work divisions. A career that the graduates of these programs can take up includes School administrator, Teacher, School Counselor, Social Worker, Community Organizer, Child behavioral psychologist. So this post graduation course will be a beacon to much personal life as well as provides a good career option.

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