B.A English Literature And Communication Studies

BA English Literature And Communication Studies – (DUAL MAIN) MODEL III

The main objective of Department of Communicative English at providing students with a foundation in Mass Media. It also gives an insight into various aspects of management studies such as Public Relations, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship Development thereby equipping students to acquire knowledge and skill on a wider perspective. The course comprises of the core, complementary, common and open course.

One of the main benefits who join the program is that they can get into the career which they like since they know about the human resource, public relations, entrepreneurship development etc. So the course helps them to become fit for the competition in the job sector. Each and every student will be aware of most of the concerns of the World that makes them stand out of the mob. Our curriculum is structured in a manner that makes each candidate to think out of the box and to act accordingly.

B.A English Literature and communication studies

BA English Literature and Communications studies lay equal emphasis on honouring both literary and language skills. Through a range of texts from literature across the globe, the programme intends to train students to engage critically with multiple genres. The graduation program in communicative English also helps them to sensitise at varied social contexts and multiple cultural and literary traditions. While going through the curriculum you will find that apart from the English literature as specified earlier you will dive into Mass media communication, journalism, philosophy, travel and tourism. One can find a great diversity in this single course.

It also aims to provide students with opportunities to sharpen their communication skills. While the courses cover a wide spectrum of skills for specific corporate and creative sectors—including advertising, business, public service-it also seeks to prepare students for higher studies in the discipline. The overarching vision of the programme is to create independent learners equipped with the creative, critical, and analytical skills required for lifelong learning.

If you like to know about the course in detail. Here you can find the syllabus of BA English Literature and Communication Studies.