Department of Communicative English

The Department of Communicative English was reborn in 2013 after being a part of the Department of English for nearly two decades. Started in 1995 as a vocational course that gave students a foundation in mass media, it is now an independent department. The department has 104 aspiring media students being trained in Mass Media, Journalism, PR, HR and Advertising.

The courses are typically conducted through a combination of lectures, seminars, screenings, internships, industry visits, as well as written and practical assignments. We regularly organize enrichment programmes that give them the opportunity to meet and interact with professionals from different facets of the media – journalists, advertising professionals, popular authors, critically acclaimed filmmakers and management experts.

It is a practical industry oriented programme with hands on training in the field of Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations and Visual Communication.

The students also play a very proactive role in promoting ecologically friendly practices. A documentary was prepared by the students of the Department on Plastic Waste Awareness (2016) to promote the usage of cloth bags brought out by the Bhoomitra Sena Club. The documentary is being used to train Kudumbsree units to make these bags. It continues to be screened extensively at various other institutions to create awareness on the issue.

Establishing the Department as a leading centre for Media and Communication Studies that enables students to become critical thinkers and develop the skills, ethics, competencies and knowledge required by the media industry.

To provide a vibrant learning environment – fostering innovation and creativity, informed by practice, collaborating across disciplines and responding to changing market trends.
To offer practical, innovative experiences and partnerships to prepare students for successful careers in the field of communication.

Message from HOD

The B.A. Programme in English Literature and Communication Studies offered by the Department of Communicative English is a relatively young academic discipline but has become one of the most relevant and exciting subjects as the media and communicative sector becomes even more diverse and dynamic. The course with its emphasis on three areas- Mass Communication, Literature and Management Studies provides students the opportunity, flexibility and basic skill sets required to choose any of these disciplines for higher studies.

The programme delivers essential theoretical and practical preparation for various media and management careers and provides students industry knowledge and experience, analytical skills and proficiency in professional communication. Apart from communication studies, the focus on literature enables students to use language for specific as well as aesthetic purposes. The students are guided by a team of talented, committed faculty most of whom have had industry exposure. The programme prepares students for work in media related industries and gives them a comprehensive understanding of the world of communication in various environments and contexts.

HOD, Department of Communicative English