MA Sociology

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MA Sociology

The Postgraduate Department was established in 1966, the first of its kind to offer sociology at the postgraduate level exclusively for women.

M.A. Sociology has four semesters with the following papers:

FIRST SEMESTER Paper I: Sociological Analysis Paper II: Indian Social System: Continuity and Change. Paper III: Classical Sociological Perspectives. Paper IV: Social Demography Paper V: Social Research

SECOND SEMESTER Paper I: Advanced Sociological Perspectives Paper II: Agrarian Social Structure Paper III: Social Movements Paper IV: Cultural Anthropology Paper V: Statistics for Sociology

THIRD SEMESTER Paper I: Current Sociological Perspectives Paper II: Sociology of Development Paper III: Globalization and Society Paper IV: Urban Sociology Paper V: Environmental Sociology

FOURTH SEMESTER Paper I: Gender Studies Paper II: Industrial Sociology Paper III: Sociology of Kerala Society Paper IV: Sociology of Education Paper V: Personality and Counseling

Project work is a compulsory requirement for the completion of the course. There is an internal assessment component for all the papers in the course.

Student strength I M.A. – 26 II M.A. – 23

Ranks 2004-2005

1st Rank: Divya Jose