B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

The rapidly changing global trends in the area of food consumption patterns, lifestyles and environment have a tremendous impact on the nutrition and health profiles of the communities.

Today’s consumer is much better informed about various issues relating to health, but the information explosion adds to the confusion in making the right choices and staying clear of misinformation and misconceptions. The programme will create competent Nutritional professionals in this field who will strive for a healthy society.


Equip the students with scientific and evidence based knowledge in Nutrition and Dietetics


Enable students to understand the concepts of nutrition and dietetics

Increase employability through trainings and hands on trainings

Instill a passion for higher education and venture into prospectus professions in the field

Inculcate social commitment among the students through community programmes

Job opportunities:

Dietitians in hospitals

Nutritionist in health centers

Course design:

Semester I: English, Principles of Nutrition, Food Science, Food Science practical, Fundamentals of Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Semester II: English, Nutrition through Life Cycle, Food Standards and Quality Control, Nutrition through Life cycle theory and Practical, General biochemistry, biochemistry practical I, Human anatomy and physiology, Human Physiology Practical I

Semester III: Food Culture and Nutrition, Basic Dietetics, Food Service Management, Nutritional Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology III

Semester IV: Nutrition in Health Promotion Dietetics, Research Methodology, Dietetics Practical, Biochemical Aspects of Nutrition, Biochemistry Practical II, Human Anatomy and Physiology IV, Human Physiology Practical II

Semester V: Public Health and Community Nutrition, Nutritional Epidemiology, Community Nutrition Practical, Human Rights and Environmental Studies

Semester VI: Food Microbiology, Essentials of Entrepreneurship, Nutrition in Health and Fitness, Food Microbiology Practical, Project

The program also includes Industrial and hospital internship during its course of study