MA History (SF)

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MA History

ma history

MA History is a PG course offered as an attempt to supplement basic knowledge of ancient Indian culture in all its parameters. This course provides a good understanding of different views of history and civilization. It also encourages preservation and management of heritage. This course is designed in a way to understand historical incidences, development as well as to convey skills of historical investigation. The faculty enables students to inquire historically by making use of insights and methods, it seeks to promote the spirit of thinking about social questions.

The curriculum of History department is both job-oriented and utilitarian. Numerous young and talented women have graduated from the department and made their career as teachers, researchers, bankers, civil servants etc. MA History supplements the fundamental information of Ancient Indian Culture. This course provides understanding on different views of history and about civilization.

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A great option for those looking for the globe’s great events, progressions and tie periods. After the completion of the PG in History can work in sectors like Journalism, educational administration, tourism or heritage management, government sectors etc. This programme helps in critical thinking, independent researching and can advance their careers in various disciplines.

For students interested in pursuing MA History have numerous options, both educationally and geographically. Students can explore various options and can utilize all the options. Our department aims to narrate about past, conduct open discussions, interpretations etc. Department also focusses on including environmental history, local history, history of science etc. Besides imbibing historical consciousness we believe in creating a strong woman who can face all the challenges in life courageously. Thus History department is at the forefront providing unlimited opportunities for students in employment, higher studies, research and competitive exams.