St. Teresa’s College is the state’s flagship institution that consistently earns high ranking for academics and recognition for empowering generations of young women. The historic role of the College is in providing quality and need based Higher Education of Women.

The College was accredited by the NAAC at the Five Star Level in 1999 (9th October 1999), Re-accredited with A level in 2006 (21st May 2006) and A grade with a CGPA of 3.40 in 2012 (20th April 2012). The Accreditation period for the fourth cycle was extended up to 20.04.2019 in recognition of the College’s adherence to high standards of quality and excellence. The fourth cycle of Accreditation in the revised framework earned us the highest grade of A++ with a CGPA of 3.57 in 2019 (9th August 2019).

The Vision of our foundress is reflected in the missionary zeal of the management who believes that service to education is the greatest service to mankind. The success story of the institution is carved by the same missionary zeal of the faculty who are competent, dedicated and motivated to take on any additional responsibility for the sake of their students and the institution that they serve.

We aspire to emerge as the First Women’s University in Kerala to make significant contributions to society – locally, nationally, and internationally. We would push the boundaries of knowledge, transform the academic experience, and create solutions through innovative teaching, learning and research.

Generations of Teresians have served the community around the globe and stand united by more than 95 years of tradition and commitment in creating a better world.