Teresian Media Centre

The media centre at St. Teresa’s maintained by the Department of Communicative English aims at enhancing the resourceful talents and skills of the students in the media sector for holistic development of personality.  The Centre was inaugurated on April 12th 2022 with the purpose of serving as a pedagogical intervention in the college. The Green Screen Studio and the audio recording studio with professional standards are the highlights of our facility. The Centre standardizes documentation and multimedia content based on the branding policy of the Institution that goes to the public. Teresian Media Centre would approve and suggest modifications in content, design and execution of brand policies of the college. The Centre will be monumental in supporting the teaching faculty to create innovative digital contents to make the learning process more effective and interesting. Teresian Media Centre is now working with various multimedia content creation projects, most importantly for brand building and marketing of our college. Teresian Media Centre is also looking forward to the national scene by anchoring and providing support in making digital modules for the public through ‘SWAYAM’, the free MOOC run by the Central Government MHRD. The Centre will also be archiving all video and audio content produced at St. Teresa’s in digital repositories and making it accessible to both faculty and students for use. Teresian Media Centre also provides support in brochures, posters, instructional technologies, content creation, broadcast production, studio event recording, classroom A/V support, digital archiving and academic training.


Ms. Caroline Elizabeth LoyedMedia Head(Centre Coordinator)
Media Head and Centre Coordinator, Teresian Media Centre
Social Media/Website Manager, St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous), Ernakulam
Mr. Jithin ASDesigning and Media Coordinator
Mr. Mavo ThomasProduction and Media Coordinator