B.Sc. Computer Applications [Triple Main]

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B.Sc. Computer Applications Triple Main

(Computer Applications, Mathematics, Statistics)

The Bachelor of Computer Applications (triple main) programme will equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the existing and emerging challenges that a career in computing and software technology will entail. In addition, it prepares graduates to show the high quality of independent thought, flexibility, and maturity based on a sound technical knowledge of the field.

The B.Sc. Computer Applications triple main programme, will act as a feeder course for higher studies in the area of Computer Applications, Mathematics, and Statistics.

The Bachelor of Computer Applications (triple main) is a three year programme which consists of six semesters of six months duration.

B.Sc Computer Applications Admission 2018

B.Sc. Computer Applications Triple Main

Benefits Of B.Sc. Computer Applications Triple Main Course

After the successful completion of the first year B.Sc. Computer Applications Triple Main, the students will

  • Develop problem-solving strategies, techniques, and skills that can be applied to computers and problems in other areas which give students an introduction to computer and analytical skills to use in their subsequent coursework and professional development.
  • Improve proficiency in C programming language.
  • Develop fundamental ideas of Mathematical Logic.
  • Develop data reduction techniques.
  • Understand probability theory and random variables.

After the successful completion of the second year, the students will,

  • Be familiar with major algorithms and data structures such as balanced search trees, hash tables, priority queues etc.
  • Be familiar with the role of project management including planning, scheduling, risk management, etc.
  • Understand the approaches to verification and validation including static analysis, and reviews.
  • Be proficient in Visual Basic and C++ IDE.
  • Be able to define and interpret parametric equations & Polar coordinates of Conic Sections.
  • Capable of finding the higher order derivative of the product of two functions.
  • Be able to expand a function using Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series.
  • Be able to Interpret equations of lines and planes in space.
  • Trained to explain graphs.
  • Expose the real-life applications of Probability Distributions.
  • Explain standard error and testing procedures for parameters of a Normal population using large and small samples.
Skills Of A 3rd Year B.Sc. Computer Applications Triple Main Student

After the successful completion of the third year, the students will,

  • Be proficient in Object Oriented Programming and Java IDE.
  • Be able to develop and manage a Website.
  • Skilled with different operating systems.
  • Be able to develop quality software solution by following the software engineering principles and practices.
  • Recognize the meaning and significance of the emergence of fuzzy set theory.
  • Analyze different types of fuzzy sets.
  • Examine connections between fuzzy sets and crisp sets.
  • Understand and can solve problems related to real numbers.
  • Understand simple random sampling
  • Illustrate ANOVA of one way and two-way classified data
  • Explain the layout and analysis of basic designs
  • Use a range of programming languages and tools to develop computer programs and systems that are effective solutions to problems.
  • Experience in understanding, designing, and analyzing precise specifications of algorithms, procedures, and interaction behavior.
  • Be able to apply mathematics, logic, and statistics to the design, development, and analysis of software systems.
  • Be equipped with a range of fundamental principles of Computer Science that will provide the basis for future learning and enable them to
  • Adapt to the constant rapid development of the field.
  • Have experience of working in teams to build software systems.