MA Economics

Economics is a very wide regimen. MA Economics at St.Teresa’s College started in 1995. All the students of the department are introduced to economic institutions in the rapidly changing global environment. Theory in economics enables one to think critically about a range of complex issues. This PG programme opens a thoroughfare for students those who have an inclination towards a career in the corporate sector. We are among the Economics departments who teach papers like microeconomics.

MA Economics Admission 2020

Diversity is our strength as our department remains committed to the College’s goal in imparting education that gives out citizens who are sensitive with a good sense of social responsibility and deep-rooted humanism. Studios and academically oriented students can pursue Ph.D. programmes, Civil service is a still popular option for those who are interested in administration and framing economic policies.

There are 4 semesters. Semester I and II have 10 compulsory papers. Semester III has 3 compulsory papers with two optionals Semester IV has 2 compulsory papers and (3 optionals).

MA Economics Semester Wise Subject Details


1. ECOPGS1 01 Microeconomics: Theory Of Consumer Behavior& Firm

2. ECOPGS1 02 Macroeconomic Theory And Policy

3. ECOPGS1 03 Indian Economy: Issues and Policies-I

4. ECOPGS1 04 Economics of Development and Growth-I

5. ECOPGS1 05 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis- I

MA Economics course details


6. ECOPGS2 06 Microeconomics: Markets, Information And Welfare

7. ECOPGS2 07 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory And Policy

8. ECOPGS2 08 Indian Economy: Issues and Policies-II

9. ECOPGS2 09 Economics Of Development And Growth- II

10. ECOPGS2 10 Quantitative Methods For Economic Analysis- II


11. ECOPGS3 11 International Trade Theory And Policy

12. ECOPGS3 12 Public Economics

13. ECOPGS3 13 Research Methods In Economics

14. ECOPGS3 14 Economics Of Environment And Social Sector

15. Elective from Group A-Introductory Economics


16. ECOPGS4 15 Global Trading And Monetary System

17. ECOPGS4 16 Indian Public Finance

18. Elective from Group B-Economics of Agriculture

19. Elective from Group B-Monetary Economics

20. Elective from Group B-Advanced Econometrics

21. Dissertation-Cum- Viva/ 22. General Viva — 2