B.Sc Physics

B.Sc Physics undergraduate programme aims at:

  • Read, understand and interpret physical information – verbal, mathematical and graphical.
  • Equip students in methodology related to Physics.
  • Impart skills required to gather information from resources and use them.
  • To give need-based education in physics of the highest quality at the undergraduate level.
  • Perform experiments and interpret the results of observation, including making an assessment of experimental uncertainties.
  • Provide an intellectually stimulating environment to develop skills and enthusiasms of students to the best of their potential.
  • Use Information Communication Technology to gather knowledge at will.
  • Attract outstanding students from all backgrounds.

B.Sc Physics Admission 2020

B.Sc Physics

Course Structure – B.Sc Physics

The U.G.programme in Physics include (a) Common courses (b) Core courses(c) Complementary Courses (d) Open Courses and (e) Project. No course shall carry more than 4 credits.

Core papers include:

Semester I Methodology in Physics

Semester II Mechanics and Properties of matter

Semester III Electricity and Electrodynamics

Semester IV Electronics- Practical

Semester V Classical and Quantum Mechanics, Physical Optics and Photonics, Thermal and Statistical Physics, Digital Electronics – practical, Open course, Project

Semester VI Computational Physics (practical), Nuclear and Particle Physics(practical), Condensed matter Physics(practical), Relativity and Spectroscopy(practical), Choice Based Course

Subsidiary Papers

Subsidiary 1 – Mathematics
Subsidiary 2 – Statistics