The Writers’ Forum is a community of Teresians who are joined by an interest in writing. There are competitions and activities tailor-made to polish their writing skills, and opportunities to get their work to reach a wider audience. It’s a safe place to express views and discuss problems faced by writers.

A sign-up form was released for students to join the club. 129 students applied for joining the Literary Club, and 71 students were admitted to the Writers’ Forum. Students were added to a

WhatsApp group managed by the student’s head. The activities of the Writers’ Forum commenced with an ice-breaker session held online, with the members discussing the last book they read, on 3rd October 2020. A discussion was held online for creating an Instagram post for World Post Day, on 5th October 2020. A team of 6 students was chosen to create the post that was posted on the official Instagram page of the Literary Club. A meeting was held on12th October to discuss the theme of the Halloween Competition. A sign-up form for the Instagram Content team was shared in the group on11th November 2020. A meeting was held on 16th November to discuss the particulars of Reminiscence- a story writing competition held in connection with Children’s Day. In addition to Club meetings, matters regarding the competitions held in collaboration with Kahaniya were discussed regularly with the representative from Kahaniya, Ms. Sindhu, and the Teacher in charge Ms. Tessa Jose.