Teresian Research and Consultancy Cell (TRACC)

Teresian Research and Consultancy Cell (TRACC) of St. Teresa’s College started in 2011 co-ordinates the research activities of the institution and takes initiatives to promote a conducive research culture in the campus. The Cell monitors, assists and evaluates the research activities. It provides a platform to facilitate discussions, disseminate research findings and to keep abreast of the newer developments in the field of research.

Its objectives are :

  • To screen the Research/ Project Proposals of the Institution and Faculty before forwarding it to the sponsoring agencies
  • To assess and contribute towards project evaluation of M Phil. Projects
  •  To assist in preparing the proposals for the conduct of seminars / workshops /conferences and forward it to the funding agencies
  •  It assists the coordinators of different departments in the allocation of UGC grants
  • It undertakes periodic evaluation of various research activities of the entire Institution and its development programmes
  • To motivate the prospective researchers to apply for major and minor projects
  •  Exchange of faculty to promote interdisciplinary research

In its initiative to achieve excellence in research  and to evolve as a thought leadership centre, TRACC convenes a National  Conference every year   which brings together  all  the scholars, guides, students  and academicians to reflect upon  their  research areas  and to  share   their thoughts on new knowledge production.

The conference provides the research scholars of the institution an opportunity to

  • Identify and survey  research frameworks and set out dominant paradigms
  • Elaborate applications of  research writing
  • Raise important researchable issues and provide a compendium of resources  on  socially responsible research
  • Find out intellectual property rights and patents and know about funding agencies and programmes
  • Provide an opportunity for the research scholars and M. Phil. students of the institution to present their research work for the year.

Teresian Research and Consultancy Cell also organizes course work for the Research scholars who have registered for Ph. D. in the institution.

We have at present six departments as centres for research, 34 faculty members as research guides and 26 faculty members and 123 students who are engaged in research leading to Ph.D.

About the achievements of research centres, we have got one International Peer reviewed Journal (TJES) and two National Journals published from this institution. Out of the 90 published works of the last academic year (2016-17) 49 papers are in peer reviewed journals. There are major and minor projects from various departments and the faculty members have also received research awards and recognitions from reputed professional bodies and agencies.

TRACC Committee

Patron- Dr. Celine E, Director
Head of the Research Centre – Dr. Alphonsa Vijaya Joseph, Principal
TRACC Coordinator – Dr. Jaya T Varkey & Dr. Priya K. Nair
TRACC Members
Dr. Dhanya N.
Dr. Leela P.U.
Dr. Leela Leon
Dr. Elsam Joseph
Dr. Tania Vivera
Dr. Mariyam Thomas
Dr. Arya P. Mohan
Dr. Vinitha T. Tharakan
Dr. Frincy Francis
Dr. Preeti Kumar
Dr. Santhi A.
Dr. Saritha Chandran A.
Dr. Elizabeth Kuruvilla
Dr. Jeena Ann Joseph