Department of Management Studies

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Department of Management Studies

Started in the year 2015, the Department of Management Studies was formed in the pursuit of academic excellence and to foster quality management education in the region. The Department represents the zeal for excellence, the true spirit of the Teresians.

With particular emphasis on quality and ethics, the department aims at the holistic development of the management enthusiasts who walks in the gates of this esteemed institution. Continuous efforts are taken by the department to match the standards of premier business schools in the country. The department offers a potpourri of experiences to its students – Academic, personal, social and industrial. This perfect blend of experiences is the key to success of the department.

The programmes offered by the Department are

  • Bachelor Programme in Management Studies – International Business
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Management – Business Analytics (Click here for details)
To contribute to national development by creating empowered women managers with a zeal for excellence and true social conscience.
  • Offer enriching learning experience that transform students into industry-ready women managers sensitive to the needs of the society and rooted in moral values and ethics
  • Foster holistic development of the individuals that helps them achieve their full potential
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and thus contribute to the larger interest of the nation

Message from HOD

The Department of Management studies was formed with the primary objective of providing worldclass education in the field of Management and analytics, while addressing the problems of today andtomorrow. Right from its inception, the department has been offering excellent platforms to aspiringprofessional students to meet the burgeoning demands of the Industry.

Businesses of today are dynamic, complex and diverse in nature. To sustain success in this scenario,one needs to be highly competitive. Students of BMS IB and PGDM-BA are equipped withcontemporary skills which are acquired through quality course structure, pedagogy and teachinglearning methodology. The college inculcates human values and professional ethics among students,which help them, chalk out path and make decisions that are good not only for them, but also for thesociety at large. The dynamism of the college is evident from its ability towards manpowerdevelopment to meet the rapidly changing needs of the industry and R&D organizations. Theobjectives of imparting education combined with creation, dissemination, application of knowledgeand orientation towards research are being met in an integrated form.

The department endeavors to produce confident professionals tuned to real time workingenvironment. The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualifiedfaculty members to inspire the students to develop their skills and inculcate the spirit of team work inthem. The strength of the department lies in the highly motivated students who understand thedynamics of the industry and hone their skills accordingly.

HOD, Department of Management studies