The motto of the Fine Arts Club is to inspire and enable our students to actively learn and develop their talent and skills that will develop artistic expression. A campus poised on sheer scientific thrills requires a balancing dose of art so that aesthetics and beauty around us are not forgotten. Having an art club is great way to keep students involved throughout the year. With limited time in the classroom, art club can serve as a nice supplement for those students who can’t get enough art. An art club also allows you the opportunity and freedom to try new things with students.

Why is the Arts Club so important in colleges?

Teresian Arts Club gives our students a boarder view of art and many forms like Painting, Poster Designing, Clay Modeling, Collage, Cartooning, Pencil Drawing etc. And it is in the college is primarily concerned with preparing and promoting students who have taste and potential for various art cultural performances. By hosting an art club that allows for free expression from students they can feel open to experiment and creating from their imaginations. Students have unique ideas and powerful imaginations and need the space to work through their artistic expression on their own terms, without any objectives and boundaries.

Arts Club

Interestingly, the club is a refuge that draws interesting and unique artists. Some students who are not artists do wander in to the club but since they are allowed to create freely they quickly discover that they to are an artist naturally. Some students will simply sit, eat their lunch and listen to music, and they may not even produce a piece, but the key factor is that they are allowed to find their level, daydream and make their art when they wish.

Objectives of Arts Club

  1. The main objective of arts club is to encourage the students in various act activities.
  2. To help the students develop their leadership abilities.
  3. To improve the imagination skill in entertainment.
  4. Clubs help you get into good colleges and universities, improve your academic performance, boost your mental health.

Staff in Charge-

Dr. Preeti Kumar
Dr. Saumya Baby
Ms. Lekha Sreenivas
Ms. Ria V.R.
Dr. Beena D.
Dr. Asha D.
Ms. Drishya P.P.