From January 15th-19th

Industry Immersion Program is an educational initiative by NEST Digital Academy, designed to provide students with hands-on experience and exposure to the type of work that is usually done in the analytics industry. This immersive learning experience goes beyond traditional classroom education, offering students an opportunity to gain practical insights, develop industry-specific skills, and build valuable networks.

Students from PGDM Analytics, 2nd year, underwent a comprehensive training program covering various aspects of business analytics and related fields.

Day 1  commenced by Group division followed by an interactive introduction session by  Dr. Pradeep Sir, focusing on business analytics and NEST, supplemented by engaging group tasks. Mehraj Sir led a session on the application of data in GIS, showcasing real-world projects and tools. Later, Pradeep Sir covered project management topics, design thinking, and innovation, with small activities integrated into the final project.

Subsequent days delved into intensive sessions on Data Science/Data Engineering, emphasizing the importance of domain knowledge and essential tools like ML, AI, Python, and Google Cloud Platform. Practical exercises in Power BI enhanced understanding in data analytics. HR analytics, financial analysis, marketing metrics, flight analytics, and agile methodologies were also covered, providing a well-rounded overview of industry practices and skill requirements.

The training sessions were diverse, engaging, and aimed at equipping participants with valuable skills and insights across various domains within the analytics industry.

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Published On: April 15th, 2024Categories: Life@DMS, Management Studies Activities