Centre for Research And Development

The Centre for Research and Development (R&D) of St. Teresa’s College is one of the newest ventures undertaken by the College. It is an innovative venture started by the College in 2015 to promote and elevate the quality of education and research within the campus.

It undertakes various initiatives such us, writing proposals to government and outside agencies for new projects, conducting skill based programmes for students, building inter-departmental ventures within the college, taking up surveys, generate funds through sponsored projects etc. It also runs the college website, social media campaigns and handles the Public Relation for the College.

The Centre strives to promote internationalization through its International wing called Teresian International. It also undertakes various training workshops, short-term courses and seminars to equip the student community with the latest advancements in social and technological innovations.

Students play a key role in conducting events and help with organizing various activities. The centre is also a collaborative space for interdepartmental activities and provides students internship opportunities within the college. Peer group management and Alumni network management are other initiatives taken up by the department.

Main Objectives

  • To take up research and research projects in large scale
  • To take up surveys and studies for the betterment of the institution and the society
  • To conduct training programmes for students, teachers, administrative staff and professionals in various fields.
  • To help the students and research scholars in developing the most appropriate methodology for their research studies
  • To make them also familiar with the art of using different research methods and techniques.
  • To conduct seminars and workshops to familiarize the emerging areas of knowledge to the academic world.
  • To introduce new techniques of learning skills and other educational programmes to ignite the minds of the youth.
  • To ensure that high quality research of direct relevance to our country’s needs, pertaining to both public and private sectors will be taken up.
  • To establish linkages between Departments/ institutions/ centers and industry both in the public and private sectors.
  • To generate R & D funds through sponsored projects and consultancy services for further upgradation of libraries, computing facilities, laboratories and research facilities.
  • To encourage and activate research activities in order to upgrade the quality of teaching and learning.
  • To keep the faculty abreast of the latest developments in their respective areas of specialization.
  • To disseminate research findings through conferences/ seminars and workshops etc.


International Office


St. Teresa’s College has forged partnerships with outstanding academic institutions to enhance student development, faculty growth and academic research.

The College has signed an MoU with Newman University, UK for academic collaboration.  The college has also signed an MoU with Richmond, The American International University, London,UK for academic exchange and research collaborations. The Exchange programme provided an exceptional learning experience for the students which broadened their perspective

The college has signed an MoU with Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.

Indo Swedish Academic Exchange Forum (ISAEF) is an Organisation coordinating academic exchange programs of students between India and Sweden. The aim is to facilitate educational institutions of higher learning to equip students with practical insights of another country in research, academic interaction and hands on experience regarding the various topics they opt for their research projects as part of their academics. Hersby chose St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam as the coordinating institution in India.

Teresian International is the International wing of St. Teresa’s College which is instrumental in facilitating exchange programmes for students, both incoming and outgoing, study overseas programmes and various activities pertaining to international collaborations including hosting foreign students in campus, organizing platforms for international students, visiting scholars and faculty. Teresian International is also responsible for providing assistance, counsel and documentation services for the benefit of the student community. The international wing also organizes workshops for giving students a global exposure regarding the opportunities which could be availed internationally. Teresian International is actively engaged in discussions with delegations from leading International Universities. These discussions not only provide students  opportunities to explore options for higher studies across the world, but often lead to innovative partnerships and linkages between St. Teresa’s College and these institutions. This has also resulted in the development of short-term courses/summer programmes for international students in the coming years.

Teresian International’s mission is to facilitate international activities which will enable the college to act as an interface for global exchanges fostering the true spirit of globalization.