B A French In Kerala

The only course of its kind in Kerala

B A French in Kerala

In this era of internationalization, it is important to think globally and act locally. India needs today fluent interlocutors, adept translators and savvy interpreters in foreign languages. In the face of this growing demand, the course(BA French) aims at producing professionally competent young graduates in the French language. The programme(BA French) attempts to equip and empower the students with the skills of communication that are necessary for a self-reliant individual to grow and flourish in the global job market. While imparting professional training, it also leaves the avenues open for higher studies. Along with English, French is the official language of the United Nations, also French is spoken in more than 50 countries in the world.

St.Teresa’s is the only college affiliated to MG University in Kerala that offers French(BA French) as a special subject. we have various activities organised for our students every year and have designed an enriching curriculum for our students. This course is specially designed to cater students who are interested in specializing in the French language. We facilitate our students to excel in all aspect of their journey and to become an outstanding French speaker. Also, there exists a lot of excellent opportunities for students who complete their graduation in French.

As specified above there exists numerous and diverse opportunities for the people who complete their degree in French(graduation). The persons who complete their graduation in BA French can get into the careers prospects like a Broadcast journalist, Education consultant, International aid/development worker, Logistics and distribution manager, Marketing executive, Patent examiner. Study French,get into the dream job and grab the opportunity.