Integrated M.A.Programme in Social Sciences-Economics-Aided Programme

The new innovative course will provide a multi-disciplinary foundation for an overall perspective on polity, economy and society, at the undergraduate level, with further specialization at the post graduate level, to inculcate a holistic and interdisciplinary orientation towards the social sciences.

The integrated honours programme in social sciences is structured at three levels- discipline specific core papers; choice-based credit electives and skill enhancing papers, as per the latest UGC requirements. Semester I-IV comprise of five core discipline specific papers; two choice-based credit papers and one/two skill development papers. Semesters V-VI focus on one major discipline of the student’s choice with 3 specialized papers; one minor paper of an allied discipline; two choice-based credit papers and one/two skill enhancement papers. Semester V-VI will have a written interdisciplinary project, of the student’s major choice, as well. At the MA level semester VII and VIII have two interdisciplinary papers, four discipline specific and two skill developing papers; while semesters IX and X comprise of four subject specific papers and skill enhancing work related to research.

The programme is devised over ten semesters to provide varied perspectives, encourage analytical skills and understanding for solving crucial problems confronted by contemporary society. The 3 year BA  comprises of six semesters, and 2 year MA  programme, has  four semesters. The Integrated Five years Honours programme will provide foundational knowledge in History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Public Administration, along with an introduction to main concepts in Psychology, Philosophy. Students will have the choice of opting for some other papers as per their interests, from the subjects of Philosophy, Statistics, Disaster Management, Contemporary Issues, Computer application, among others. Thus, providing a wide base of skills for understanding the society around them and the issues of contemporary times.

Uniqueness and Advantages
Firm Base
Unlike the regular bachelors programmes of BA, B.Sc. or B. Com. the integrated masters programmes induce wider exposure to the students. The Integrated Masters Programmes have an advantage of provided continuum and facilitate students with more core papers in respective specializations, yielding firmer grim on subject.

Inter Disciplinary
Integrated master’s programmes are designed with interdisciplinary approach. Establishing the fact that the disciplines across spectrum are intertwined and converge in benefit of the society, these universities have uncovered courses across categories for students.

Curriculums of the integrated programs facilitate wider choices for students ensuring cross-disciplinary education.

Research Oriented
With the prolonged curriculums for more than four to five years, oriented in specializing students in all possible directions, Integrated Masters Programme successfully gives a firm base for further research studies.
Feasible options abroad
The innate structure of integrated master’s programmes ease students to cross these barriers and also provide wide avenues abroad.

More Exposure
Live experience of interaction with elders, activists, academicians, artists and more to these the integrated master’s programmes stand as better options and ensure enduring careers.