B A History

The Department of History was established as part of St.Teresa’s College in the year 1993. B A History was the first course established under the department of history.

B A History course in Ernakulam

Course Objectives

  • To provide students with a wider scope at graduate level itself in practically relevant and advanced areas of study and research.
  • To relate history discipline with practical needs and tasks.
  • In order to encourage multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To make students inquisitive and intellectually sharper.
  • To give thrust on studying History subject as a process rather than an aggregate of finished state of affairs.
  • It must be taught as a social science studying processes and human affairs in a developmental perspective. This requires a holistic approach opposed to the usual practice of dividing History into social political economic cultural and so on as independent facets.


Semester I

Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science

Semester II

Cultural Transitions in Pre- Modern Kerala

Semester III

Making of Modern Kerala Informatics

Semester IV

Understanding the Past Early Societies in India

Semester V

Institutions in Pre Colonial India

State and Societies in the Ancient world

India: Nation in the Making

Trends in Historical Writings

Semester VI

Issues in Contemporary India

Situating Medieval World

Understanding Modern World

Capitalism and Colonialism

Choice based Course

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