History – Faculty

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Qualification: MA ,M Phil
Area of specialization-Kerala history, Modern world
Email: vinithavargis@gmail.com


Qualifications: MA B Ed

Areas of Specialization: Modern India, Kerala history

Email: stancyvs@yahoo.com

Qualifications: MA ,M Phil

Areas of Specialization: Kerala history, Modern India

Email: limaantony09@gmail.com

Qualification: MA, B Ed
Area of specialization-Kerala history, gender history
Email: Manunibin2041@gmail.com

Qualification: MSc,MA,Dip in Jour
Area of specialization-Medieval India history, Environmental history
Email: annaannaannababy@gmail.com

Qualification: M.A. History
Area of specialization-Ancient History
Email: anusreenair571@gmail.com

Qualification: MA ,M.Phil
Area of specialization-Modern India
Email: shereensher@gmail.com