M.A Bharathanatyam

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M A Bharathanatyam

M A Bharathanatyam course

St.Teresa’s provides M A Bharathnatyam course under the department of Bharathnatyam. In order to learn this dance form, there is a need for experience as well as talent. To acquire and perform this dance form just imitating the instructor is not only required but there is a need for involvement of full body and mind of the performer.

Bharathnatyam is a solo dance that can be performed by both men as well as women and is believed to be originated in Tamil Nadu. This dance form has a rich history that dates back to about 2000 years. Bharathnatyam is the combination of bhava, raga, tala, and Natya and is made for the purpose of seeking pleasure.

MA Bharathnatyam Admission 2018

The main feature of Bharatanatyam is that the dancer makes beautiful straight lines or triangles. Bharatanatyam is supplied by background Carnatic music. This artform itself is divided into two categories which comprise pure dance Nritta and expressional dance Nritya. This dance is flourishing and has large among the one initiated to its cultural concepts.

As one of the departments in the College, we believe that when we give an opportunity to dance and the attitude to believe in themselves, develop potential through artistic expression. For about 15 years this department is the state of the art of the dance form and students are prepared for careers in Bharathanatyam. So those who wish to pursue their career in Bharathanatyam than St.Teresa’s is the best option to make their dream come true.

The PG programme in Bharathanatyam includes: (a) core courses (practical and theory)

(b)  Project. (c) Dissertation /Viva

The 18 core courses in PG programme .6 core theory papers and 12 practical papers, one elective (practical), Dissertation and General Viva in the fourth semester, all together earning 80 credits.