M.Sc. Applied Statistics and Data Analytics

About the course:

The M.Sc. Programme in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics is a four-semester programme for students who wish to excel in data analytics. Over the years, Statistics as a subject has shown an immense growth in almost every discipline of Science, Commerce, and Social Science. Recently, many new areas of Statistics are emerging and are showing their significant importance to the age of data analytics such as Big Data and Machine Learning. The classical statistical tools are being modified to form new techniques and methods to deal with the challenges coming from industries like Telecom, Entertainment, Insurance, Banking, Pharmaceutical etc.

This programme combines the concepts of Statistics, Data Analytics and Machine Learning. It provides a spectrum of basics to advanced statistical methods and their applications to both conventional and IT industries that enable to tackle emerging problems. Data Analytics is a prelude to artificial Intelligence-a branch of Science that will penetrate into all fields of Science and Technology in the forthcoming years.

Syllabus is framed in such a way that the candidates will be competent enough to take up the tests like NET, SLET, GATE etc. The Programme offers comprehensive instruction in the theory, methods and application of Statistics. The courses include computer-intensive classes as a tool to support the analysis and interpretation of statistical data.


Graduation in Statistics /Mathematics /Computer Application (triple main) with

Mathematics Statistics and Computer science as main subjects

Programme Outline:

Semester I

Probability and Measure Theory

Distribution Theory

Analytical Tools for Statistics

Sampling Theory

Database Management System

Semester II

Estimation Theory

Stochastic Processes

Multivariate Distributions

Statistical Computing I

Machine Learning

Semester III

Testing of Hypotheses

Design and Analysis of Experiments

Multivariate Analysis

Time Series Analysis

Data Mining and their Applications

Semester IV

Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Elective 1 – Operations Research

Elective 2 – Statistical Quality Control

Elective 3 – Biostatistics

Statistical Computing II