TeresianMath@Online is the first project of the Incubation Unit of Entrepreuneurs (InME). It is a tutoring platform providing individual attention for students from Grade 1 to 12 to help them in their approach to Mathematics. We undertake all syllabuses including ICSE, CBSE and State (Kerala) and also provide crash courses for the same.
TeresianMath@Online creates a virtual environment for its tutees to understand mathematical concepts with the help of our tutors. Individual attention is given to each tutee and they are encouraged to discard their inhibitions for the subject. Tutees are encouraged to develop a scientific way of thinking and develop a love for the subject.
For this project, we appoint students and alumni of the Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics as tutors to teach Mathematics to the incoming tutees and inspire a love for the subject. Our tutors are able to earn while they continue their studies and this helps in inspiring young budding teachers from our department.
Within a very short time, TeresianMath@Online has been able to garner a loyal set of tutors and tutees and we aim to scale higher with the help of InME’s members and supporters.

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