Teresian Additional Skill Acquisition Courses (TASAC)

Sl. No. Course Title Duration
( hrs)
Agency Course Fee Aim of the course Course Modules
1 Airport Operations and passengers ground services 48 SkyFord Aviation and dept of French 12500 Equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the current and future demands of the aviation industry, ensuring efficient, safe, and customer- centric airport operations Module I: Introduction to airport and airline operations (12hours)

Module II: Computer Reservation and Departure Control Systems Function (8hours)

Module III: Check-In Procedures for Passenger and their Baggage (Airport and offsite) (14 hours)

Module IV: Conditions of carriage, Boarding Procedures, and Close-out messaging (8 hours)

Module V: Dangerous Goods and Regulations (6 hours)

2 Aviation and Logistics 250 RR International Academy         – ACI Certified by Montreal Canada ACI Certified by Montreal Canada
3 ACCA- UK 3 Years Logic Veranda         – Along with B.Com 13 papers
4 Beauty Care Management 100 State Resource Centre, Trivandrum 7000
  • Beauty care aims to help individuals improve and maintain their personal appearance, which can boost self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Beauty care services, like spa treatments and massages, aim to promote relaxation and overall wellness.
PAPER I Beauty Care Procedures

PAPER II Beauty Parlour Management- Accounting and operation

PAPER III Project Work & Internship

PAPER IV Practicals And Project

5 Business Analytics & Data Visualization 360 Logic School of Management 7500 After completing the course, students will be able to analyze corporate data using various data analysis techniques. This will allow them to extract insights from data and make informed decisions. Corporate data analysis

Data into information

Tools like Excel and Power BI

Clean and transform data

Create dashboards

Industry readiness

6 Certificate Course in Capital Market 30 Acumen Capital Market (India) Ltd. 4500 Equips the student to work for the growing financial services sectors Equips the student to work for the growing financial services sectors
7 Certificate course in Food and Water Quality Control Techniques 36 Unibiosys 4500 The course focuses on theoretical concepts and practical skills for the assessment of water quality which enhances the employability in both industrial and analytical laboratories. Module I : Introduction To Water Quality Techniques         10 Hours

Module II: Physical And Chemical Parameters Of Water    10 Hours

Module III: Microbial Analysis Of Water   (8 Hours)

Module IV: Proximate Analysis Of Food (8 Hours)

8 Certificate Course in Geriatric Care 36 Community College 5000 Equipping the students for geriatric care and management Equipping the students for geriatric care and management
 9 Certificate Course in Human Resource Management 20 Resource Person 2400 Equips the students to various aspects of human resource management Equips the students to various aspects of human resource management
10 Certificate Course on Museology and Heritage management 30 Resource Person 1000 Equips the students with the skills necessary to conceptualize, plan, and design museum exhibitions, heritage conservation/ preservation and management Module I (8 hours): Basics of Museology & Museums

Module II (6 hours): Role and Functions of Museums

Module III (8 hours): Museum Maintenance and Museum Aesthetics

Module IV (8 hours): Heritage Management & Tourism

11 Certification in Cyber security 60 Tech by heart 6000 Equip students with essential skills in cyber security and ethical hacking, addressing the increasing demand for professional’s adept in securing IT infrastructure and data Module I (4 hours)-Basics of Computing

Module II (12 hours) -Introduction to Network Security    Module III  (12 hours)-Gateway to Linux

Module IV (22 hours)- Network Penetration Testing

Module V (10 hours)-Project:

 12 Certified Management Accountant (CMA-USA) 360 Institute of Management Accountant (USA) 56857 The aim of this course is to mentor young leaders in effective, strategic decision-making to contribute to a company’s financial well-being. Through this course, the competency levels of US CMA professionals would enhance to be at par with the international benchmarks. Part -1 Examination

Part -2 Examination


 13 Civil Service 40 Fortune Academy 7000 To give an understanding of the syllabus and structure of UPSC Examination and to help the students to prepare for the exams while doing UG Studies Interaction with resource persons and training
 14 Creative Writing 44 Resource Person 7000 This course aims specifically to equip the target audience with writing skills, focusing on short stories, poems and microfiction. The target audience will be able to create literary content for the digital age.
  • Understand writing as a process
  • Analyse creative writing from a writer’s perspective and describe the effects of authorial choices such as narrative structure, syntax, and point of view
  • Develop skills to create original fiction and poetry
  • Develop an awareness of literary forms and genres
  • Acquire skills to edit their own writing as well develop criticality
 15 Customer insight  marketing  & digital advertising 30 Department 4000 To equip to uncover the insight into target customers  essential for developing products and services that deliver value to the target customer segment and generate profit for the organization Module I (10 hours)-Fundamentals of customer insight marketing

Module II  (10 hours)-Explore various CRM strategies

Module III (5 hours)-Basics of digital marketing concepts

 16 Data Analytics 90 Keltron, Govt. of Kerala 9200 To equip students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in data analytics, empowering them to thrive in today’s data-driven industries. Module I (16 hours) Introduction to data analytics

Module II (28 hours) Basics of Python Programming language

Module III (18 hours) Analytics tools- – hadoop

Module IV (9 hours) Analytics Tool- Spark

Module V (16 hours) Cloud Computing, AWS

Module VI (3 hours) GIT and GITHUB

Module VII : Project

17 Data Science 90 Keltron, Govt. of Kerala 9000 To equip the students to adapt to the challenges of a Data scientist in applying their mathematical, statistical, and programming skills to analyze and interpret the data Module I (15 hours)- Introduction To Data Analytics

Module II  (29 hours)- Basics of Python Programming language

Module III (15 hours)- Statistics-Machine Learning

Module IV (10 hours)-  Deep learning

Module V (16 hours) -Cloud Computing, AWS

Module VI (3 hours) – Git and connection with git hub

Module VII- Project


Diplômed’études en langue française (Diploma in French Language Studies) from level A1 to level B2 (beginner to independant users)

50 Dept. of French 5000 Getting ready for success in Delf A1 examination, practicing by doing simulation exams
  1. Use listening, reading, writing, and speaking efficient strategies.
  2. Use upgraded language and grammar level to correspond to that of the exam.
  3. Use reinforced knowledge of French life in general.

Perform in the exam required different tasks.

 19 Digital Marketing 60 Softloom IT Solutions 7500 Empowers individuals with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving digital marketing landscape so as to connect with the target audience, increase brand visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads. Module I   (40 hours)-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Module II  (20 hours)-Social Media Marketing

Module III (15 hours)-Google Ads (Adwords)

Module IV (5 hours)-Affiliate Marketing

 20 Diploma in Certified Accounting 6 Months Youth Skill Development Project 4000 Equips the students with critical thinking skills and accounting skills
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Economics and Finance introduction
  • Inventory Management,
  • Taxation
  • GST (GST Registration, Accounts, Filing, Returns etc.
  • VAT+ Accounting
  • Income Tax (Act Rule And Practice
  • Practical Lab (TALLY)
 21 Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) 60 CCEK, Govt. of Kerala 7500 The successful candidates can apply for Govt Job which requires computer knowledge as eligibility. The certificated has an online verification facility, Hologram and OR Code. SO this certificate holder is eligible for applying for various job opportunities in India and abroad.
  • Informatics
  • MS office and internet
  • Linux and open Office
  • PC techniques
  • Malayalam Computing
 22 Diploma in Hospital Management 100 Youth Skill Development Project 4000 This programme has been exclusively designed for those, who would like to deepen their leadership capabilities with the management essentials that help in exploiting the internal capabilities of the business functions of the healthcare organisation and broaden their horizons to make effective decision with an appreciation of the external healthcare business environment and dynamics Principles And Practices Of Management

Organizational Behaviour

Hospital Administration

 23 Financial Journalism (specialisation in Business Journalism/Budget Analysis) 150 CCEK, Govt. of Kerala 9600 Equip students to take up jobs in corporate communication, media, research house, NGO’s, other bureaus, Local Governments etc.Strengthen the process of decentralised planning process by attracting educated youth and basing it on data and research. Theory Session -Business Journalism-50%    – 72 hrs.

Budget Analysis-Theory & Practise-50%-72 hrs

Practical Session-Business Journalism -3 hrs., Budget Analysis-Theory & Practise- 3 hrs

Internship -1 month

 24 Floristry 30 Dept. of Home Science 4000 The course focuses on empowering young women to take up self-employment/ entrepreneurial ventures in the floriculture field. The course also inculcates creativity and skill orientation in young women which make them more self-reliant and empower them financially.
 25 Fundamentals of Bharathanatyam 40 Dept. of Bharathanatyam 4000 This course is designed to give a basic knowledge of body exercises, adavusand one introductory dance piece.
  • Basic stretching, Strengthening and warm up for the body.
  • Basic adavus and position used in Bharathanatyam
  • Hand gestures used in Bharathanatyam
  • Identify the movements of eye, head and neck used in Bharathanatyam.
  • Analysis of the Principles of Choreography
 26 Fundamentals of Carnatic Music 40 Dept. of Bharathanatyam 4000 Understand the basic aspects (Theory & Practical) of Carnatic Music.
  1. Basic Swaras of Carnatic Music
  2. Basic Angas and Talas of Carnatic Music
  3. Basic notation used in Carnatic Music
 27 Health and Fitness 36 Nerdy Grad 5000 Equips the students on health and fitness Basics of health and fitness

Various parameters of fitness

Exercise physiology

Methods of exercise and its impact

Exercise during disease conditions

 28 Introduction to Yoga 40 Resource Person 4000 Perform yoga poses safely and effectively to improve flexibility, strength, and overall physical well-being through mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques. Module I (10 hours)-Introduction to Yoga

Module II (10 hours) -Pranayama -Kriyas -Surya namaskar

Module III (10 hours)-Role of Yoga practices in Health

Module IV (10 hours)-Therapeutic values of yoga

 29 Jewellery Designing 50 Department of Fashion Designing 3500 The main aim of this course is to enable the students to carve a niche for themselves in the world of jewellery designing by equipping them with professional knowledge and skills to gain employment as designers and merchandisers in the jewellery industry or to start their own freelance work and thus provide them professional opportunities.
 30 Medical Coding  30 Irez Academy 3200 Equipping the students on basic codes and application in health care Module I – ICD (15 hours)

Module II- CPT (15 hours)

Module III- Life style diseases 96 hours)

 31 Professional Diploma in GST & TDS 30 BEETEES Academmey of Commerce 12500 Equipping the students on basic codes and application in health care
To give the students a general understanding of the GST Law in the Country and TDS and TCS provisions under the Income Tax Act, 1961 and equip the students to do GST and TDS related jobs in any Organisation
Module I : Introduction to Goods and Service Tax (8 Hours )

Module II : Levy, Tax Collection, Reverse Charge Mechanism (7 Hours)

Module III : Imput Tax Credit, Payment, GST Returns (5 Hours)

Module IV : Introduction to TDS & TCS ( 5 Hours)

Module V : TDS Payments and TDS Returns (5 Hours)

 32 Professional Training for Bank Test 60 APTI Tech 4750 The aim of professional training for bank test is to prepare individuals for various types of aptitude tests commonly used in education, employment, and other selection processes. These tests assess specific skills, such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, and spatial awareness, among others. Module I (20 hours)- Logical Reasoning

Module II (20 hours) – Quantitative Aptitude

Module III (20 hours)- Verbal Ability and Banking Awareness

 33 Robotics and Automation 30 DCS Robotics 4500 Equpping the students in programming and designing embedded systems Python Programming

Arduino Based Embedded System Design

 34 Social Media Executive (Govt. Certified) 90 Keltron, Govt. of Kerala 8000 This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “Social Media Executive”, in the “Media and Entertainment” Sector / Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner Module I (20 hours)-Introduction to Social Media Marketing and Social Media Strategy Development

Module II  (20 hours)-Content Creation and Optimization, Social Media Advertising, Community Management and Engagement

Module III (20 hours)-Influencer Marketing and Analytics and Performance Measurement

 35 Tally with GST 50 Tax Study Centre, NCVRT( National Council for Vocational and Research Training), Govt. of India 6000 Enables the students to learn the concepts of indirect tax and GST from the pre-GST period to post- GST period, the importance of indirect taxes (GST) in the Indian and global economy and its contribution to the economic development, the principles of taxations and enable them to be a tax consultant in preparing the tax planning, tax management. Tally ERP-9 with GST    –  ( Tally  Theory)

Tally ERP-9 With GST      –    (GST Theory)

Tally ERP-9 with GST ( Tally  Practical)

 36 UI/UX Design 90 Keltron, Govt. of Kerala 10000 UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design are crucial elements in the creation of digital products, services, and experiences that meet user needs, drive business objectives, and ultimately provide value to both users and businesses. Module-1 Introduction of UI /UX  (3 hours)

Module- 2 Design Fundamentals (9 hours)

Module-3 Planning & Structure (18 hours)

Module-4 Design Execution (24 hours)

Module-5 Interactive Design (18 hours)

Module-6 Advanced Design Concepts (12 hours)

Module-7 Professional Skills (6 hours)

 37 Urban Gardening 30 Dept. of Botany 4000 Hands-on training programme to handle various garden tools, planting and propagation methods and develop practical skills for promoting entrepreneurial endeavours. Module I (12 hours)-Urban gardens -Basics of gardening – Gardens-Garden components

Module II  (14 hours) – Practices in Horticulture

Module 3 (4 hours)-Organic manures and fertilizers