Students’ Union

College Union 2021-2022

The College Union is the Student Government body of the College. The College Union consists of the elected representatives of the student’s community. It comprises of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretaries of General affairs, Arts Club and Sports, Student Editor and two University Union Councillors, representatives of the various classes and Association Secretaries. All activities and Associations within the campus, work under the formal auspices of the College Union. The Union is guided by two members of the Faculty known as Deans.

Name of the Union Member  Name of the Post 
Varsha Venugopal Chairperson
Maxlin M. Maxy Vice-Chairperson
KJB Lizbeth General secretary
Arunima S. Raj University Union Councillor
Sreelakshmi Jayaprakash Pillai University Union Councillor
Teja Sunil Arts club secretary
Jovitta CS Magazine editor
Krithi Jignesh Shah Sports secretary
Nikitha Susan Nelson Nominated Member
Fathima Nezrin K.N. 1st Year representative
Meenakshi Dileep 2nd Year Representative
Rebecca Gigi 3rd Year Representative
Bersheba Elsa Benny PG representative

Deans for the Academic year 2022-23

Dr. Saumya Baby
Dr. Saumya BabyAssistant Professor, Department of Malayalam
Dr. Susan Mathew Panakkal
Dr. Susan Mathew PanakkalAssistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

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