Radio Kochi 90 FM: The First Coastal FM Community Radio Station in Ernakulam

Radio Kochi 90 FM, is the first Coastal FM Community Radio Station in Ernakulam district, licensed under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India.  Radio Kochi 90 FM, licensed to St. Teresa’s Collge, Ernakulam was inaugurated by the Hon.Governor of Kerala, Shri. Arif Mohammed Khan on July 16, 2021. Dr Sr Vinitha CSST is the Managing Director of Radio Kochi 90 FM, and under her efficient leadership, the versatile team of Radio Kochi caters to the varied information requirements of the community through highly informative radio programmes.

As a responsible Community Media, Radio Kochi has 12 Thematic Focus Areas, and emphasizes on Participatory Communication strategies that ensure active participation from local community members in multiple aspects of radio programme production. We provide the community members a media space to air their voice and to be heard…!  

Thematic Areas of Radio Kochi 90 FM

  1. Environment and Sustainability

  2. Climate Change & Food Security

  3. Coastal Area Management

  4. Disaster Management

  5. Health and Nutrition/Hygiene

  6. Sustainable Energy & Energy Management

  7. Education and Learning

  8. Empowerment of Women and Children

  9. Promotion of Science and Technology

  10. Promotion of Arts and Culture

  11. Skill Development and Livelihood

  12. Agriculture and Farming


Team Radio Kochi 90 FM

Dr. Sr. Vinitha CSST

Radio Kochi 90 FM Managing Director

Krishnakumar C.K.

Station Director

Sr. Ashrita CSST


Sr. Smruthi CSST


Maryann Tania Lewis

Programme Head

Chandulal P.C.

Lead Sound Engineer

Nighil Abraham

Senior Programme Producer