Department of History

The Department of history, offering a Bachelor in History was established in 1993 under the initiative of Sr.Emeline, the principal of the college at that time. The department was blessed with M.A History in 2013(Self financing).At present there are Two permanent Faculty and three guest faculty.The department offers B.A, M.A Courses. While the Department focuses on Kerala History, Modern Indian History and World history emphasizing on socio economic movements in history. The department also provides courses on Archaeology and complimentary paper for the department of sociology. The department involved in teaching Add-On course on Tourism, French language and cultural history of kerala. The present strength of the students of the department is 140. The students are from both urban and rural areas. From 2009-10 onwards the department follows the semester system introduced by the M.G University. The department offers 14 core papers, 1 open course, 1 core choice based course. Information technology is used as a tool for effective learning and teaching. The department provides unlimited opportunities for students in higher studies, employment, research and competitive exams.

To create empowered young women, noble in her thoughts, mature in her actions, courageous while facing adversities, imbibed with confidence and proud of her History and Cultural Heritage.

To provide conducive environment to create empowered women by providing excellence in education.
To mould historically conscious women proud of her country’s rich history and culture.
To mould responsible citizens aware of their rights and duties.
To create strong willed women by instilling confidence, spirituality and tolerance

Message from HOD

India is a country stepped in history, legends, myths, traditions and culture. We, the History Department of St. Teresa’s College envisage in building among students a love for country’s rich history and culture. Our department aims to sensitize students about past by narration, open discussions, interpretations and challenging existing thoughts. Besides covering traditional topics, the department also focuses on including new areas of interest in History including environmental history, local history, gender history, subaltern studies, history of science, folklore studies etc. Besides, inculcating historical consciousness we also believe in creating strong-willed women equipped to face adversities of life. True to our motto, ‘Arise, shine out,’ we have seen amazing transformation of our students from mediocre to excellent pupils brimming with self-confidence, discipline, determination and achieving laurels in curricular and co-curricular activities. Here in history department we make confidence, discipline, determination and achieving laurels in curricular and co-curricular activities. Here in history department, we make complete transformation of girls into noble women proud of her history and culture.

HOD, Department of history