B.Sc. Botany

B.Sc. Botany - Bachelor of Science in BotanyThe curriculum for the B.Sc. Botany Programme has been designed with an aim of encouraging the broad instructional goals and to support the growing demands and challenging trends in the educational scenario. It targets at providing an environment that encourages, promotes and stimulates the intellectual, professional and personal development of the student. The curriculum caters to the all-round development of the student, rolling out globally ready individuals into the fast pacing world. The specific objectives of the B.Sc. Botany program is as follows:

  • Know the importance and scope of the discipline
  • Inculcate interest in and love of nature with its myriad living forms
  • Impart knowledge of Science as the basic objective of Education
  • Create a scientific attitude to make students open-minded, critical and curious
  • Develop the ability to work hard and make students fit for society
  • Expose students to the diversity amongst life forms
  • Develop skill in practical work, experiments, equipments and laboratory use along with collection and interpretation of biological materials and data
  • Make them aware of natural resources and environment and the importance of conserving it.
  • Develop the ability for the application of acquired knowledge in various fields of life so as to make our country self-sufficient
  • Appreciate and apply ethical principles to biological science research and studies


The B.Sc. Botany programme includes (a) Common courses, (b) Core courses, (c) Complementary Courses, (d) Open Courses and (e) Project. No course shall carry more than 5 credits. The student shall select any one of the Choice-based core course offered by the department, depending on the availability of teachers and infrastructure facilities, in the institution. An open course shall be offered in any subject and the student shall have the option to do courses offered by other departments.

The programme contains 33 courses in six semesters. The total credit for the programme is 120. The programme should contain 12 compulsory core courses and 1 choice based course from the frontier area of the core courses, 8 complementary courses from the relevant subjects for complementing the core of study, 1 open course, and a project. There should be 10 common courses which include the first and second language of study.


All students are expected to do one open course of their choice from any discipline other than Botany. Department of Botany offers the open course “Horticulture and Nursery Management” to other streams during the fifth semester.


The students of B.Sc. Botany Programme can select any one of the three choice based core courses offered by the Department in the sixth semester, subject to the availability of facility and infrastructure in the Department. The choice based core courses offered by the Department of Botany is Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy


All B.Sc. Botany students have to do a project work and must submit the dissertation for evaluation in the sixth semester. Project work shall be completed by working outside the regular teaching hours. Project work shall be carried out under the supervision of a teacher in the concerned department. A candidate may, however, in certain cases be permitted to work on the project in an industrial/research organization on the recommendation of the supervisor.

B.Sc Botany Admission 2020

The Programme also includes test papers, assignments, seminars and Viva-voce.

Core courses include:

Semester I – Plant Diversity, Microbiology, and Phycology
Semester II -Mycology, Lichenology and Plant Pathology,
Semester III – Anatomy and Embryology of Angiosperms
Semester IV – Bryology and Pteridology
Semester V

Core Course -5 Gymnosperms, Palaeobotany, and Evolution
Core Course -6 Cell Biology and Genetics
Core Course -7 Angiosperm Morphology, Taxonomy, and Economic Botany
Core Course – 8 Research Methodology and Statistics
OPEN COURSE- Horticulture and Nursery Management
Semester VI

Core Course 9 – Environmental Studies and Ecotourism
Core Course 10 – Plant Breeding and Horticulture
Core Course 11 – Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Core Course12 – Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Core Choice based 13 – Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
The complementary courses offered for the B.Sc. Zoology Programme are:

Semester I- Cryptogams, Gymnosperms and plant pathology
Semester II- Plant Physiology and crop pathology
Semester III- Angiosperm Taxonomy and Economic Botany
Semester IV- Anatomy and Applied Botany
The end semester practical examinations of all the core and complementary course are conducted in the even semesters.