To develop a business network with required infrastructure that can enable stakeholders to innovate and prototype their potential ideas catering to industrial standards with support from Government, industry and reputed academic institutions around the world thereby helping them to set up new bench marks in the world of business.


To be a self-sustained business incubator nurturing and empowering, aspiring women entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of social relevance, thereby, encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship so as to promote national, economic, and social growth.


  1. To inculcate entrepreneurial culture among the students.
  2. To enhance self-employment opportunities.
  3. To organize competitions to sensitize students towards business/ entrepreneurship.
  4. To orient students to work on their innovative ideas and to develop their business skills using the resources available within and outside the college.
  5. To provide facilities for prospective incubatees in fashion, food, home decor and other domains.
  6. To invite industrial experts for personal grooming.
  7. To organize training and workshops for young women incubatees.
  8. To arrange interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs.
  9. To organize industrial visits to business enterprises.
  10. To spread awareness among students and faculty regarding IPR.
  11. To strengthen industry interaction of the institution and generate revenues through consultancy work and student start-up

Servant of God, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima (1858-1902)

Our Inspiration: Our Foundress

St. Teresa’s College, a premier institute for higher learning, envisions value-oriented education for women. The College is the result of a vision, the seeds of which was planted by Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, when she started St. Teresa’s School in 1887. She was a great educationalist, an entrepreneurial advocate and a humane social worker. Her remarkable contribution to the society was empowering women through education. In education, her vision went beyond her times, aiming for the formation of a person complete with the sense of responsibility to the society and to the nation. She stressed on the importance of women empowerment through vocational training and is one of the first entrepreneurial advocates to encourage vocational training for women in embroidery, baking and coir making, enabling women to edify their self-confidence through self-employment.

The Journey of Entrepreneurship

Today we stand proud. But it was the yester years that made us who we are today.

St. Teresa’s College has a long tradition of promoting entrepreneurship among its students through the Annual Christmas Sale which gives visibility and recognition to our alumni-entrepreneurs and other women and provides them an opportunity to network and showcase their products. This led to the development of Entrepreneurship Development Club in the campus in 2005.

Over the years, the club has organized many programmes for students and faculty in collaboration with KITCO, IIT Kharagpur, TiE             Kerala etc. Such activities crossed a new milestone in April-May 2016 when a social entrepreneurship unit called STEP (Society of Teresians for Environmental Protection) was initiated in the campus.

As part of the ‘Earn While You Learn’ project, students are also actively engaged in stitching cloth bags, mobile pouches and pencil cases that they sell through STEP’s promotional activities.

Over the past three years, around 200 students and 10 faculties have gained hands on experience in various dimensions of running an entrepreneurial unit.  The experiences gained through this gave a major boost of confidence for starting an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre termed as TIBIC (Teresian Innovation and Business Incubation Centre) in the campus during June 2018 to promote entrepreneurship among girls and women on a wider scale. This is being supported by Kerala Startup Mission, Govt. of Kerala and Kerala State Industries Development Corporation.

The Incubation cum TOT (Training of Trainers) center in our institution aims at motivating women who would like to get back into self-employment after critical child rearing stage, as well as young female graduates to:

  • Start business units in Kochi within our own incubation centre.
  • Develop innovative technical designs to up-cycle textile waste, manufacture environment friendly products and share these designs with interested Kudumbashree / other women’s Self Help Group (SHG) units in various parts of the state through TOT (Training of Trainers).
  • Set up units in future  in certain core areas in which we have technical expertise such as
    • Brands for Furnishings.
    • Start-ups to make innovative and educational toys.
    • Start-ups to manufacture eco- friendly bags.
    • Project for manufacturing eco-friendly affordable pencil pouches and similar products from textile waste.
    • Start-ups to promote creative content writing.
    • Start-ups in food processing.