Department Of Fashion Designing

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Department of Fashion Designing

Department Of Fashion Designing

In 2002, as part of the Jubilee project, ‘Women Empowerment and Training’, the college decided to set up Women’s Study Center to offer job-oriented courses and life skill development for women.

Two courses were initiated

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics

In 2006, Certificate Programme in Jewellery Designing was started.
In 2007 the courses offered by the department were affiliated to Continuing Education Centre, Govt. of Kerala.
In 2008, due to high demand for a degree programme in Fashion Designing, Bachelor of Fashion Technology was started under the off-campus centre of Mahatma Gandhi University.
In 2011, the faculty members of the department prepared a proposal with the syllabus for an Under Graduate course and submitted the same to UGC under the Innovative Scheme. In 2012, the UGC sanctioned the proposal and the department of fashion designing initiated the new degree programme – B.Sc Apparel and Fashion Design.

In 2016, the department initiated two Post Graduate programmes

  • Master’s Programme in Fashion Designing
  • Master’s Programme in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Our vision is to provide and equip women with skills and tools that will enable them to survive, thrive and succeed in today’s highly competitive world.

We believe women need to learn new skills and technologies that will empower, enlighten and encourage them to be independent and successful in this dynamic and vibrant environment, where the opportunities are endless.

Our mission is to act as a facilitator in empowering women to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities available by making them skilled, independent, confident and aware so that they pursue excellence and distinguish themselves in their lives as well as becoming worthy and contributing members of the society.

Message from HOD

The new millennium demands a new breed of designer. A designer who has an intuitive understanding of the new generation needs a desire to create better living environment and an innate respect for nature and her resources. The courses offered by the Fashion Designing Department will equip the designers with a holistic knowledge and a well balanced perspective of designing. The ultimate aim of the courses is to create a responsible designer who will serve the country and society by innovation, education and research.
The syllabus of the courses is designed in such a way that it provides skill development required to be a successful fashion designer along with entrepreneurial skills to set up their own venture. We also facilitate internships and give students an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in fashion and garment industry.
Our students can seek careers in a diversity of roles, including Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylist, Costume Designers in Advertisement and Movie Field, Fashion Journalist, Fashion Photographers, Fashion Illustrators, Textile Designers, Merchandisers, Quality Controllers, Pattern Masters, Store Managers, Store Layout Managers, Sourcing Managers, Fashion Consultants, Fashion Choreographers, Visual Merchandisers, Event Managers, Trainers, Teachers and Entrepreneurs.

HOD, Department of Fashion Designing