The SC/ST Monitoring Cell of the College ensures to address deep-seated discrimination in our social system. It also guides weaker section students to avail of all permissible scholarships and financial assistance and other facilities and privileges.It is clear from the demographic factors that a large section of population of our country is still deprived and marginalized. Our college has always ensured that the weaker sections students do not get left behind in the learning as well as overall academic development process. Teachers pay more attention to their special needs and provide them more encouragement and support by various strategies for the enhancement of the SC/ST students. For this progression, teachers are conducting remedial classes and mentoring sessions.  The SC/ST Cell exclusively looks after the work related the SC/STs matters and no other work is assigned to the Cell.

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Dr. Usha Nair
Dr. Priya Parvathy Jose
Dr. Leela P.U.