B.A. English

B.A. English

(Bachelor of Arts Programme)

B.A. English Language and Literature

The Under Graduate department of English in St. Teresa’s was started in the year 1957. The Courses offered are B.A. in English Language and Literature. Subsidiaries: History of British Colonialism Sociology   Elective: Indian writing in English.

The B.A. English programme at St. Teresa’s College

  • Offers the students a deep insight into the world of literature, and enables them to seriously appreciate the major literary works
  • Enabling the students to get an understanding of life, by giving them an introduction to the social, economical, cultural, intellectual and political backgrounds of the diverse periods in the history.
  • Develops strong linguistic capabilities through very informative theory and practical sessions.
  • Enables to identify the student’s area of specialization by giving electives.


In any industry, strong English communication and writing ability is a must nowadays. In any business, need communication with people around the world. As English is the world language, English is the only medium through which people can communicate with each other from any part of the world irrespective of region, culture, and caste. As the world is transforming into digital, business people are also concentrating into the digital world which requires English as the medium. The worldwide network or internet is using the English language. A degree in English literature makes you possible to interact with the world very effectively and confidently. The widespread demand of good communication in English offers great career opportunities for graduates in English.

B.A. English graduates have many job opportunities in public sectors and private sectors like educational institutions, health services, financial organizations, legal firms, etc. They can get employed in many areas like administration, finance, general management, research, journalism, advertising and marketing, public relations, media organizations, publishing, hospitality, teaching, hospitality, translation works, technical writing, content development, civil services etc.

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