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The department of English was recognized as a research centre in 2003. At present there are five research guides in this centre. Dr Sr Vinitha ( Dr.Celine E. retired Associate professor and Director St Teresa’s College, Dr Latha Nair R Associate Professor St Teresa’s College, Dr Tessy Anthony C. Associate Professor St Teresa’s College Dr.Priya K.Nair Assistant Professor St Teresa’s College and Dr Anitha Associate Professor D B College.

The first doctoral degree of the center was awarded to Sonia Paul in 2015 for her thesis titled Issues & Perspectives in teaching Writing Skills in English to Students to B tech Degree Courses in Kerala. She completed her research under the supervision of Sr Vinitha.

Mallika A. Nair was awarded Ph D in 2017 for her thesis A Feminist Perspective of Mysticism in Paulo Coelho She completed her research under the supervision of Dr.Latha R Nair

Saraswathy Antharjanamwas awarded Ph D in 2017 for her thesis The Tinai concept in Selected Novels of Margaret Lawrence , Thomas Hardy & T.S.Pillai. She completed her research under the supervision of Sr Vinitha.

Limna Mary Biswas was awarded Ph D in 2017 for her thesis Disengaging the Post Modern Fiction. : A Study of John Fowles ‘s The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Daniel Martin and A Maggot. She completed her research under the supervision of Dr.Latha R Nair

At present there are thirty research scholars pursuing research in the centre

Order No: Ac.A.VI/2/309/R.C./2003

Research Scholars

Sonia Paul – Ac/AII/2/872/Eng/
N. Saraswathy Antharjanam – Spatial theory Ac/AII/2/872/Eng/
Radhika K.S – Orhan Pamuk Ac/AII/2/872/Eng/
Chandgy Xavier – Indian theatre Ac/AII/2/872/Eng/
Tresa Peter – Translation 269/2012/AII/Acad/
Simi K.M. – Elizabeth Bishop 386/2013/AII/Acad
Indu M.S. – Reading of Myth 6286/Ac/AII I/2014
James Joseph – Zizek 7420/1/2015/AII

Order No: Ac.A.VI/2/309/R.C./2003

Research Scholars

Mary Limna Viswas – Postmodern Fiction 1057/AII/II872/ENG/JULY2018
Gayathri P.J. – The Queer identitiy 873/AII/1/2013/Academic
Simi Hyder Ali – Novels about the Indian Partition U.O.No.824/A/AII/1/Acad
Soumya Nair V – Malayalam Dalit Literature 269/2012/AII/1/Acad
Sheena Kaimal – Bhakti Poets U. O. No. 386/AII/1/Acad
Tania John – Science Fiction U.O. No. 1146/1/2017/ACADEMIC/AII
Sebastian A.V. – Reader Response U.O.No 7420/1/2015/academic/All
Mallika Nair – Feminist Spirituality

Order No: 3511/AVI/RG/2013/Acad

Research Scholars

Raghunandanan Roshni – Childrens Literature 6286/AC A II/ 1/2014 Academic 16/12/2014
George Vineeth – Film Studies No.1146/1/2017 Academic/AII 28-02-2017
Camilla Diana B H – The Queer identitiy No.1146/1/2017
Renjitha Reghunath – Digital Literature No.1146/12017 Academic/AII 28.02.2017

Order No: U O No 5132 AVI/I Rc/10698/2014/ACAD

Research Scholars

Aiswarya R Rao – Revisioning Epics U.O.No.7420 /1/2015/Academic/AII dtd. 28.12.2015
Elizebeth Renu Joseph – Amitav Gosh U.O.No.7420 /1/2015/Academic/AII dtd. 28.12.2015
Liz Mary Antony – eco feminism U.O.No.7420 /1/2015/Academic/AII dtd. 28.12.2015
Chitra Sebastian – Postmodern Malyalam fiction U.O.No.7420 /1/2015/Academic/AII dtd. 28.12.2015
Chitra Tracy Johnson – Arab women’s writing UO 1146/1/2017/Academic/AII dtd. 28.02.2017
Preethu P – Trauma in Sri Lankan War Films U.O.No.7420 /1/2015/Academic/AII dtd. 28.12.2015
Nuzhat Unneen – Postfeminism U.O.No.7420 /1/2015/Academic/AII dtd. 28.12.2015

Order No: UO 5132/AVI/i/RC/10698/2104/ACAD

Research Scholars

Parvathy Nair – diasporic literature No. 7420/1/2015
Roby – American nautical fiction No. 7420/1/2015
Rekha E – postcolonial feminism No. 7420/1/2015
saritha – subaltern studies No. 7420/1/2015
Jishnu Prasad – cultural studies No.7420/1/2015
Nayomi Rajan – Ecocriticism No.7420/1/2015
Silja Roy – Geocriticism No.7420/1/2015
Feneena S Mohamed – Linguistics No.7420/1/2015