The Speakers’ Forum and Debate Club is a platform where the students can share their freedom of speech and expression in an open forum, engage in rhetoric on a variety of issues at the local, regional, and international level and expand learning in order to become more active and productive citizens.

The activities of the Speakers’ Forum and Debate Club for the academic year 2020-2021 began with the induction of new members. The faculty-in-charge of the club were Ms. Teresa Kuncheria of the Home Science department and Ms. Susan Thomas Chaly of the Communicative English department. Ms. Swathi H of II BA English Literature was chosen as the student-in-charge. The first meeting was convened on July 16th to discuss a competition and a webinar on Presentation skills to begin the activities for the year. Another session was held on October 3rd to decide the details of an upcoming competition. On 16th October, a meeting was scheduled to conduct a competition in connection with Kerala Piravi. The particulars of the annual Mother Digna Debate Competition were fixed with a discussion on February 18th.

Staff Advisors Ms. Rose Mary Francis
Ms. Anju George