STC Consumer Club

The STC Consumer Club strives to raise awareness among Teresians about their roles as consumers, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about current market conditions.

Recognizing the significance of consumer rights, the club has organized a series of initiatives mentioned below which creates mindful consumers ready to tackle any market scenarios in the 21st century being aware of the power of law and consciousness.

Action Plan:
1)Various competitions involving market participation and interactions with dealers,

2)Market surveys about inflation and sale,

3)Public opinions regarding various experiences as a consumer

4)Exciting cultural events to ensure that every student is aware of their value as consumers and their entitlements in dealing with various issues, scams, and frauds.

5) Creating Food stalls to embrace the art of Teresians being entrepreneurs and consumers.

Teachers In-charge:
Ms. Elizabeth Rini K F
Ms. Sandra Sabu T.

Student In-charge:
1) Aaliya Ravoof
2) Gayathri A
3) Aleena TP
4) Jyothis Maria
5) Ann Mary
6) Aambal Jolly
7) Laniya T Saju
8) Ann Maria Shibu
9)Riya Elza George
10) Liya Mary Elizabeth
11) Leenat Santhramol C P