A Counselling Cell functions in the college and it has two units – one in the Arts block and the other in the Science block. Once a week full time Counsellors are available to render service to those who need help.

In the changing scenario, counseling cell plays a vital role in an educational institution.  Education stands for an overall development of a student and thus counseling cell, a facilitator.

Teachers in charge of counseling cell sat together and shared their thoughts about the problems faced by students and they came to a conclusion that  we need to promote the well-being of our students and empower them with life skills needed to face the challenges of this dynamic world. Each student is precious. No valuable life should be lost because of our ignorance. Let us observe and be more vigilant in dealing students’  problems. Let us motivate the students to identify their inner strength which will enable them for their holistic development.

Teacher’s In-charge

Ms. Sujatha R.E.
Dr. Leena Leon
Ms. Bindu John
Ms. Sangeetha Harry