The Dramatic Club encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of skits, mime, plays etc. The club also hosts the Annual Inter-collegiate Drama competition. Eminent theatre personalities are invited to give lectures on the new trends in theatre. Theatre workshops are conducted in order to explore the possibilities for interdisciplinary linkages between different forms of performing arts.

Teachers in-charge

Ms. Maria Theresa Chakkunny
Ms. Bindu John

The Office bearers
President Riya Rose Joseph           
Secretary Mercy Anna Mathew   
Treasurer Arsha Teresa Mathew  


  1. July 3 – Inter-Departmental Scriptwriting Competition Theme- ‘Waste Not Want Not -Innovative Utilization of Inorganic and Organic waste’
  2. August 18 – Workshop on ‘Theatre for the Classroom’
  3. September 12 – Inter-Institutional Shakespeare Drama Fest\Theme- ‘Shakespeare is not of an Age but for all time- Addressing Social Unrest through Shakespearean Theatre.’
  4. December 4 – Inter-Institutional Street play Competition Theme- ‘What is freedom?’ ( medium may be in Malayalam or English)

In the month of August the Dramatics Club in association with the English Department conducted a Street Play Workshop. Students from Christ College offered their expertise in the use of various techniques that could be used in street plays to create stronger social impact.  We place a few pictures on record:   

A one man workshop which was an example of ‘Theatre in the Classroom’ was jointly conducted by the Dramatics Club and the English Department on November 4th 2017. It explained the nuances and finer points of the Shakespearean play Hamlet to the IPG students. Professor C. K. Sujeesh , Sree Shankara University, was the resource person.  

Further Activities:

  1. The Shakespeare Fest has been shifted to the month of January due to University Exam Timings which will prevent contestants from preparing performances for the month of December . The Theme has undergone a change. This year we ask contestants to perform a Re-reading of seminal characters in the four great tragedies of Shakespeare; Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet and  King Lear.
  1. The Street Play competition will take place in the second week of December.
  1. A Script writing Competition is planned for the third week of November.
Drama Club Report 2013-14
Drama Club Report 2014-15