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In the modern world colonized by netizens, you exist when you digitally express. The strands of social life and social media are so intricately woven together that the distinction between the real and the unreal is smudged; almost nonexistent. A movie is seen, a restaurant is tried, a shop is visited, only after going through the reviews available online. Learn the Popular Culture and the Art of Review Writing and let words work their magic!

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Course Outcomes:

  • Creating impactful reviews for digital media
  • Compile a publication (digital magazine) of reviews written during the course

Course Coordinator– Ms. Niveda Sebastian

Course Design and Delivery – Ms. Juney Thomas

Course Duration- 30 hours (Spread over 1 semester)

Venue: St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam

Course Fee: Rs. 3000 per student for the entire course

Eligibility: The course is open for the public with a passion for English language

Class starts on August 1, 2022, Monday

For any queries, please contact: Ms. Niveda Sebastian (8281308783)

Further details about the course, if needed:

As digital media is predominantly in the business of creating and participating in popular culture, its review and analysis has become a very lucrative career option. From textual reviews to video-based reviews of movies, digital games, books, food, events, places, fashion and products, there is a broad scope of formats and subject areas for the budding writer to master, which aligns both with their passion and career aspirations. The art of reviewing is one that requires a combination of sound writing skills, creativity, and a nuanced understanding of rhetoric. The course will provide personalized training to young aspirants to help them acquire the competencies required to work as part-time reviewers for various digital platforms while pursuing the graduate degrees, thus fulfilling the concept of ‘earn while you learn’.