Research Projects

Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs Name of the Funding agency Department of Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator Year of Award Funds provided Reports
Dr Lizzy Mathew (PI) Dr. Anu Gopinath (Co Investigator) Sterol as a tool for taxonomic identity- A study focussing on macro algae of Kerala and Lakshadweep coast UGC Major Project Botany 2013-17 1225800 Link
Dr Liza Jacob Study on the Agro ecological and Phyto sociological aspects of Eloor – An Industrial belt of Kerala  UGC Minor Project Botany 2013-15 80000 Link
Dr. Elsam Joseph Heavy Metal Phyto Remediation of Industrially Polluted Aquatic Ecosyste,m of KochiCity Using Selected Wetland Plants: An Eco Sustainabale Approach UGC Botany 2011-13 140000 Link
Dr. Elsam Joseph National Environment Awareness Campaign Centre for Environment and Development under the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India Botany 2013-14 13000 Link
Dr. Anu Gopinath (Co- PI) Biogeochemical Factors and Ecosytem Dynamics of Coral Reefs of Lakshadweep Archipelago DST-Major Project Chemistry 2012-15 2370000 Link
Dr. Jaya T Varkey Analysis of Different Chemical Dyes on Fabrics Based on their Dyeing Properties  KSCSTE Chemistry 2013-14 13000 Link
Dr. Priya K Nair Counter Narratives: Azar Nafisi Unveiled (Minor) UGC English 2013-15 150000 Link
Ms. Vidhu Mary John Effects of Commercials on youth in the age group 17-19 years- An analytical study with special reference to Television advertisements for soft drinks, fairness products and mobile phones (Minor) UGC English 2013-15 150000 Link
Ms. Tania Mary Vivera The Multifunctional Reader in Ergodic Literature: An in depth analysis of select works of Italo Calvino and Mark Z. Danielewski (Minor) UGC English 2013-15 100000 Link
Dr. Jisha John Globalisation and Literature-A study of the fiction of HariKunzru and ChetanBhagat (Minor)UGC UGC English 2011-13 100000 Link
Dr. Jeena Ann Joseph Transmogrification of Identity: The East-West Impasse in Orphan Pamuk’s Fiction UGC English 2012-14 100000 Link
Dr. Usha Nair  On The Critical Approach Of Contemporary Poets UGC Minor Project Hindi 2011-13 94987 Link
Dr. Thara Sebastian  A Study On The Psycho-Social Well Being Of Children Of Alcoholics And Awareness Creation Of Alcohol Misuse For Adolescents Of Ernakulam District, Kerala UGC Home Science 2012-14 130000 Link
Dr. Nisha Vikraman Evaluation Of Post –Reproductive Stress In Women, Reflecting On Nutritional Causes, Consequences And Remedial Strategies UGC Home Science 2011-13 133000 Link
Dr. N. Dhanya Formulation & Standardisation Of A Spelling And Sight Word Tool In Malayalam To Identify Learning Disability And Conscientize The Masses UGC Home Science 2012-14 140000 Link
Dr. Betty Rani Isaac Risk Factors Of Anaemia Among Women Of Reproductive Age And Micronutrient Enhancement Of Regional Diets Of Kerala UGC Home Science 2013-15 145000 Link
Dr. Leena Leon Development and Sensory Evaluation of Coconut Based Recipes UGC Home Science 2013 50000 Link
Smt. Teresa Kuncheria  Strategies To Facilitate Higher Emotional Intelligence Among Adolescent Girls( 17 – 19 Yrs)  UGC Home Science 2013 200000 Link
Dr. Rashmi H. Poojara  Identification Of Microbial Hazards In Rte Foods Vended In Streets Of Kochi And Development Of Food Safety Educational Module For Street Food Vendors( Mrp(S) – 1186/11-12/Klmg008/ Ugc- Swro  UGC Home Science 2011-13 180000 Link
Dr. Shilpa Jose Food Security Among BPL Families In Coastal Areas Of Cochin UGC Home Science 2011-13 85000 Link
Dr. Shilpa Jose and Dr. Leena Leon All India Coordinated Project on Indian Ethnic Cuisine with Special Reference to Syrian Christians Spices Board,Govt. of India Home Science 2011-13 300000 Link
Dr. Saumya Baby Malayalam Linguistics Texts: Translation And Critical Study Of Selected Works Of L.V Ramaswami Ayier UGC Malayalam 2013-15 85000 Link
Smt. Elizabeth Reshma M.T. A Comparative Study of Lattice Theory and Topology UGC Mathematics 2014 170000 Link
Dr. Kala M. S. Investigation on the Electrical and Optical Properties of Spin Coated Polymer Nano Composite Thin Films UGC Physics 2012-14 85000 Link
Smt. Mary Vinaya Onset of Chaos in Physical Systems and Synchronization of Chaotic Systems UGC Physics  2012-14 85000 Link
Dr. Santhi A. Linear and Nonlinear Optical characterization of Metal Nano structures and Quantum dots prepared by chemical methods UGC Sociology 2012- 14 444800 Link
Dr. Gladis Mary John  Survival Stratergies of Women Slum Dwellers in Kerala UGC- Major Project Sociology 2011-15 65000 Link
Ms. Elizabeth Abraham UGC-A Sociological Study on Gender roles stereotyping among adolescents in Cochin City UGC- Minor Project Sociology 2014-15 100000 Link
Dr. Meera Jan Abraham Gender Agenda- Women Academicians in Higher Education UGC Zoology 2011-13 170250 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan UGC-A Sociological Study on Gender roles stereotyping among adolescents in Cochin City UGC- Major Project Economics 2013-14 75000 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan  Antifouling Role of Natural Products UGC Economics 2013-14 75000 Link
Dr. Mary Liya C A Socio Economic Impact of Development Induced Displacement with Special Reference, Vallarpadam Container Terminal, Kochi (2015-16) UGC Economics 2014 70000 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan Ezhazhikilakku Ezhikkara Dept of Environment and Climate Change, Govt of Kerala Economics, Bhoomitra Sena Club and STARS 2014-15 50000 Link
Dr. Latha Nair  Emotional Content in Democratic Policing Kerala Police English 2014-15 200000 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan Vivaranidhi: Training of trainers for e governance Geojit BNP Paribas Economics 2014-15 20000 Link
Dr. Jaya T Varkey Metal Ion Complexation Charateristics of 2 Mole %NNMBA KSCSTE Chemistry 2015-16 6000 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan Paristhithikam Project (2015-16) Dept of Environment and Climate Change, Govt. of Kerala Economics 2015-16 40000 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan Role of Select LG’s in Waste Management, Water Conservation and Environment Protection World Bank Project Economics 2015-16 1000000 Link
Dr. Anu Joseph Sensitizing Consumers On Food Adulteration: A Sustainable Health Approach UGC Home Science 2015-18 1493500 Link
Dr. Jaya T Varkey Synthesis Characterisation and Catalytic Activity Studies of Novel Polymer Bound Metal Complexes UGC Chemistry 2016-18 440000 Link
Dr. Jaya T Varkey UGC Research Award UGC Chemistry 2016-18 300000 Link
Dr. Jaya T Varkey Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Studies of Biodegradable Polymers and their Polymer Metal Complexes KSCSTE Chemistry 2016-17 7000 Link
Dr. Anupa Jacob (Coordinator), Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan (Consultant) Environment Management Training (2017-18) KSCSTE, Trivandrum Economics 01-03-2017 250000 Link
Ms. Lebia Gladis Where Memories Go? A Sociological Perspectives on Dementia Patients UGC Sociology 2016-18 140000 Link
Dr. Helvin Vincent Isolation And Characterisation Of Keratin Degrading Fungi From Soil KSCSTE Economics 2017-18 10000 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan  Erudite Lecture Series The Kerala State Higher Education Council Economics 2017-18 170589 Link
Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan Scientific solid waste management in Kadamakkudy Grama Panchayath Shakthi Kerala Economics 2017-18 10000 Link
Dr. Latha Nair  Project VENDA with Fourth wave Foundation (NGO) Saying no to Drugs and Yes to life SD Trust, Bangalore and Fourth Wave English 2017-18 2000000 Link
Dr. Meera Jan Abraham Study On Bioactive Compounds And Settlement Behaviour Of Perna Viridis. KSCSTE Zoology 2017 8000 Link
Dr. Reema Kuriakose Green Synthesis, Characterisation AndAntibacterial Study Of Nanoparticles From Biophytum Sensitivum And Emiliasonchifolia KSCSTE Zoology 2017 7000 Link
Dr. Reema Kuriakose Preliminary Studies On Bacteria Associated With Phytoplankton Species In The Coastal Arabian Sea KSCSTE Zoology 2017-18 9000 Link
Dr. Reema Kuriakose Preliminary Studies On Bacteria Associated With Phytoplankton Species In The Coastal Arabian Sea KSCSTE Zoology 2017-18 9000 Link
Dr. Helvin Vincent Profiling Of Soil Microorganisms For Exracellular Enzymes With Industrial Applications KSCSTE Zoology 2017 5000 Link
Dr. Soja Louis Study of digestive enzymes present in the gut of fresh water shrimp Penaeus indicus at different growth stages KSCSTE Zoology 2017 7000 Link