Details of Research Guides

Sl. No Research Guides Area of research
1 Dr. Rose P. Ignatius Theoretical Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics
2 Dr. Kala M. S. Nanophotonics, Thin films, Superconductivity
3 Dr.Santhi A. Nanophotonics

Research Scholars

Sl. No Name Research Scholar Research Topic
1. Priya Parvathi Ameena Jose Spectral and Non-linear characteristic study of nano structured films of some semiconductors
2. Susan Mathew Preparation And Characterisation Of Nano-Structured  Thin Film
3. Mary Vinaya Chaotic dynamics of some systems
4. Sunsu Kurian Thottil Study on the chaotic systems, control  and synchronization
5. Anju K Nair Noble Metal Nanostructures and Heteroatom doped graphene hybrids for Multifunctional Applications
6. Bhavitha K. B Nanoparticle aggregation behavior in polymer nanocomposites
7. Praveena M.G Design and Development of Novel Hybrid Polymeric Nanocomposite Membranes For Water Purification