Research Scholars

Sl. No Name of the Scholar Name of the Guide Year of Registration Title of the Research
1. Susan Mathew Dr. Kala M. S 2010 Diverse Applications of ZnO/rGO Composites
2. Anu John Dr. Kala M. S 2018 Studies on Environmental Ageing of Materials by Electrical Methods
3. Praveena M. G Dr. Kala M. S 2017 Design and development of novel hyprid polymeric nanocomposite membranes for water purification
4. Anjali G. Dr. Kala M. S 2020 Engineered Hybrid Nanostructured Materials For Tailored Applications
5. Divya Rajan Dr. Santhi. A 2017 Investigation on the suitability of Selected Semiconducting and Metallic Nano & Microstructures for Surface Plasmon Sensors and Optoelectronic applications
6. Frincy Francis Dr. Santhi. A 2017 Optical and Photothermal characterisation of micro and nansoparticles for optoelectronic applications
7. Minu Pius Dr. Santhi. A 2020 Photocatalytic and Photothermal Studies of Multifunctional Hybrid Nanocomposites

Details of Research Guides

Name of the Scholar Name of the Guide Year of Award Title of the thesis
1. Anju K. Nair Dr. Kala M.S 2018 Noble metal nanostructures and hetero atom doped graphene hybids for tailored applications
2. Priya Parvathi Ameena Jose Dr. Kala M.S 2020 Graphene Based Hybrid Structures for Tailored Applications
3. Mary Vinaya Dr. Rose P. Ignatius 2020 Chaotic dynamics of some systems
4. Sunsu Kurian Thottil


Dr. Rose P. Ignatius 2020 Study on chaotic systems control and Synchronisation
5. Bhavitha K. B. Dr. Kala M.S 2021 Investigations On Ag/Tio2/Gqd Nanoparticles Based Pmma-Polymernanocomposites For Multifunctional Applications
6.  Mineeja K. K.


Dr. Rose P. Ignatius 2021 Analysis of chaostic neuronal networks and a hyperchaos based image encryption scheme