The Department maintains a YouTube channel which serves as a platform for the students to share their video productions and bring all the work of various batches under one umbrella.

‘The Waning Souls’ explores the condition of the Jewish community in Cochin, a community that is becoming smaller in size. It focuses on the historical and cultural aspects of this community residing in Mattancherry. Importance has been given to the oldest living Jew in Cochin – Ms. Sara Cohen, commonly known as Sara aunty, who is currently 97 years old.
The Phoenix is about a social activist and actor Sheethal Shyam who sets a perfect example to the society on the Third Gender, the transgender community. The documentary also sheds light on the dreams, aims and achievements along with the struggles, deprivation and demeaning of the transgender people.
Malathi G Menon popularly knows as Thiruvathira Muthassi is an epitome of perseverance and enthusiasm. Living a zestful life, she continues to prove through her actions that age is never a barrier. She has to her name a Guinness World Record, two Limca World Records and many other laurels. This documentary is an insight into her life.