The students of III B.A. Communicative English have created a collection of documentaries on Performance Art. The documentaries are part of their assignment for the course. Performance art is a type of artwork or exhibition that is created through actions performed by the artist or other participants. It can be witnessed live or through documentation, it can be spontaneously developed or written, and it is traditionally presented to the public in an interdisciplinary fine art context.

performance art

Life is a performance art we ought to play

Performance art has historically been a medium that challenges and violates boundaries between disciplines and genders, between private and public, and between everyday life and art, and that follows no rules. Although the term refers to a wide range of artistic practices involving bodily experience and live action, its radical connotations stem from this challenge to traditional social mores and artistic values of the past.

Painting and sculpture, for example, are generally defined by the completed work all at once, whereas other art forms are defined by performance art. Performances, rather than being a static object, are art in motion, frequently demonstrating the concept of creation and experience and greatly defined by qualities such as physical location and setting. They are ever-changing and ephemeral, never repeating themselves. It’s an exciting field of art that you have to experience in order to fully comprehend.


There are many different types of performance art, but let’s start with one of the most well-known. Theater is a millennium-old art form in which artists perform a story or message through song, spoken word, dance, and/or instrumental music. Theater is a fascinating art form, owing to the variety of elements it contains. The writing of the script, rehearsing, choreography, costuming, the creation of an appropriate setting, directing, and finally the virtuosic performances by various actors are all part of the process. Theater, as a performance-based art form, is intended to be appreciated by a live audience over a set period of time. Theater’s effectiveness as an art form is due to the experience of watching it.

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