In order to improve farming techniques in the younger generation, St. Teresa College’s Botany department decided to conduct a Karshakasree challenge Award. These are the top 12 winners of the Teresian Karshakasree November – December Challenge. As with our vision, We are determined to empower our students to achieve success in their life. Challenges likeTeresian Karshakasree will enable them to improve their participation in social life and nature care. This is a part of cultural awareness and education which raises environmental consciousness and appreciation.

Teresian Karshakasree Challenge is very much in need to teach the students about the importance of farmers for the survival of the world. Farmers are the key element of our nation’s prosperity and wealth. Because they are considered the backbone of our country. Kerala Karshakasree Award is an award executed by Malayala Manorama to find out the best farmer in Kerala. It is a popular award among farmers. St.Teresa College’s Karshakasree challenge is also like this. This challenge is to find out the best farmers among students. Good farming is the combination of less water usage, less use of fertilizers, and high yield by maintaining the fertility of the soil.

As the amount of food materials required every year grows exponentially, when the worldR is facing shortage of the raw materials for farming, it is important to find more advanced techniques to increase the food production. And hence it’s required to educate the young generation to be aware of the scientific methods of farming and also to be motivated to be a better farmer. The new generation of farming must use cutting edge technologies for increasing their productivity, use advanced machineries and technologies to reduce cost of production. This can only be achieved by educating the younger generation with advancement in farming and making them more enthusiastic on technology driven farming.

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Published On: January 12th, 2022Categories: Botany, Botany Department Activities, Cochin news, college news