Food Safety Awareness Seminar

Regional Seminar on Food Safety Awareness

A one-day Regional Seminar on “Food Safety Awareness” was organized by the Department of Food Processing Technology in association with Kerala Kaumudy and the Department of Food Safety on 28th January, 2020. The main objective of this seminar was to create awareness about  food safety among college students.


To begin with, Shri. Suhas S (IAS), District Collector of Ernakulam inaugurated the event. In addition to that, there were insightful talks of eminent speakers like

    • Mr. Vyshakan, Food safety officer, Kalamassery.
    • Mr. Dileep, Circle Food Safety officer, Ernakulam.
    • Mr. Jacob Thomas, Food safety officer, Ernakulam.
    • Mr. S.Agi, Food Safety Officer, Thrikkakkara.

About Department of Food Safety

The Department of Food Safety, Kerala was established in July 2009 . It was a result of Food Safety & Standards Act 2006. Besides, it is the primary law for regulation of food products in India. Objective is to ensure Safe and Healthy Food and Water to the citizens of Kerala. Additionally, it also aims to develop healthy food habits. Motto is Safe food for Healthy life. Their vision is to turn Kerala into a Model state for its Food Safety and quality. For this, they are actively working hand-in-hand with the community.  They ensure that food sold in the state is safe and fit for consumption. Besides, they have laid down guidelines. They want to  develop a food safety culture among public. Ensures that the standards laid out for providing safe food are followed.

Final Thoughts

Food is an important part of life. Moreover, the food we eat forms the nook can corner of our body cells. As a result, it is very essential to ensure that food we consume is not contaminated. Food safety is very important.Consumption of contaminated food can cause serious health problems. The effect can be immediate or prolonged health problems. To conclude, consume only safe food items in order to live a healthy life.


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Published On: July 24th, 2020Categories: Food Processing Technology Department Activities