World Heart Day 2019 is celebrated to spread awareness concerning the health of heart among people all through the world. This initiative was supported in the year 2000 to tell people to take care of their hearts. A huge percentage of the common public within society is full of heart diseases. That’s like stroke, heart attack, and heart failure, etc. Heart issues are the leading causes of death within the world. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations celebrate this day from all over the globe. They do this by organizing activities like marathons, walks, public talks, fitness sessions, exhibitions and science fairs.

world heart day 2019

The students of the Psychology department participated in the World Heart Day celebrations conducted by Malayalam Manorama QK Doc.Com on 29 Sept 2019 at YMCA International Guest House. The program was hosted by Malayalam Manorama along with Raha Ayurveda. Shri Hibi Eden, MP was the Chief Guest for the program. The students were given practice Zumba and kickboxing sessions to help understand the importance of cardiovascular exercises for a healthy heart and body.

The theme for this year’s World Heart Day is ‘My Heart, Your Heart’. It represents a promise to yourself, the people you care about and the people around the world. And also take steps in reducing our risk to CVD.



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Published On: September 30th, 2019Categories: college news, Psychology, Psychology Activities