The Department of Psychology organized a webinar on Neuromarketing & Persuasion on 30th September 2021 through the Google Meet platform for the students of the department.
Dr Gemini V Joy, Associate Professor, VIT, Vellore engaged the informative session enlightening the students on the brain and its buy button, understanding the difference between traditional marketing and neuromarketing of consumer behavior.
The talk also covered the fundamentals, persuasion process, persuasion biases and the formation of sensory impressions. The students and teachers actively participated in the interactive session thereby integrating their knowledge and understanding on neuromarketing and its techniques influencing the consumer psychology.
The program was effective in invoking the curiosity among the participants on an emerging new field in marketing and its applications. The talk also helped to explore the areas combining neuroscience and psychology. Around 150 students attended the program along with 7 faculty members.

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Published On: September 30th, 2021Categories: Cochin news, college news, Psychology, Psychology Activities